Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bare Bum / Ear infection.

So little Sean is very comfortable with himself at this age. One of his favorite things to do is to run around naked after bath time. I think if I let him he would run around naked all day long. You must admit that he has the cutest little butt. So on a more negative point Sean got his first ear infection this week. He got sick Saturday night and didn't sleep at all and then he seemed much better in the daytime. So he also had the runny nose and a little congestion so I thought he probably just had a cold, until he stayed up all night a second night and could not console him. So the next day I payed more attention and noticed that a few times he tugged on his ear. Then that night when I was cleaning his face he cried out in pain when I got near his ear. So I thought for sure he had a ear infection. So low and behold we go to the doctor today to find out he has a mild ear infection and ear wax build up. Luckily for me the infection was only mild, but man do I feel bad for not picking up on it sooner. Now he has lots of good drugs on board to help him feel better. So mom's that have kids that get ear infections a lot, props to you cause they are hard to console.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


So I have to start out by saying that I have the sweetest husband that was nice enough to get work off and stay home with Sean by himself for 4 days while I went off to Chicago by myself to play with some old friends. So I went to Chicago to visit one of my best friends that moved out there recently and also another one of our friends from Arizona was able to come out at the sametime. So we all had a great time staying up all night talking, seeing all the tourist sites, and of course lots of shopping. I was really impressed by Chicago. I was amazed by Lake Michigan and the beach right by the city. So here are some of the fun things I got to do while in Chicago. 1-Go shopping 2-Go see the play Wicked (which I loved) 3- see the big city (which reminded me alot of New York) 4-Hang out with the girls 5-Go see the Chicago River 6-Go to Michigan Avenue 7-Go to all the fun parks and sites to see 8-Eat Chicago pizza(which is awesome and so good) 9-Ride the buses and subway 10-See all the neat old buildings. So as you can see I had an eventful and fun fullfilled trip to Chicago. Now I really want to go again but take Greg with me next time. This was the best girls trip I've ever taken.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Today we decided to make some sugar cookies and man was Sean excited. He was loving helping out. His favorite part was pushing down on the cookie cutters. He also really enjoy rolling out the dough. I cant believe how fast they grow up. I know everyone tells you that but I didn't believe it until I had my own kid. I just came back from Chicago and I feel like he changed a ton in the four days that I was gone. Well now we know that Sean has a sweet tooth just like his mom.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Firefighter in Training

So the future fire fighter in training. As you can see he fits into dad's uniform perfectly. It was so cute today Sean went over and grabbed Greg's work shirt and was trying to put it on. So of course Greg helped him put it on and then Sean proceeded to strike a pose for the camera. We are having so much fun with Sean. He has gotten so adventurous lately and loves to throw everything he sees. I am trying to understand that he is just having fun when he proceeds to throw his sippy cup at me. Today he also decided to help me empty the dishwasher and put the silverware in the drawer. I love my little firefighter. This last week we all went water skiing with Greg's dad and some of their friends. Sean was loving the water. I couldn't keep Sean out of the Lake the whole time. We decided that Sean is the new flag boy since it was his favorite thing to do on the boat besides trying to drive the boat. Also Sean got to try the tube behind the boat with mom and dad for the first time and of course loved it. Sean is definitely a water boy he even got so daring to jump into the water and dunk his head into the water all the way.