Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

I must apologize for not blogging lately it has been really busy and by the time the kids go to bed I just want to sit and watch TV.
Christmas was so much fun this year. Right after thanksgiving the kids were talking about Christmas and when it was going to come. The kids really learned alot about Christ and how this is the celebration of his birth. So on Christmas day after opening all their gifts Sean was like mom we cant forget it is Jesus birthday. I was like your right we need to always remember that. Man our kids keep us focused on what is right.We spent Christmas up at Greg's parents house and the kids loved sharing it with their cousin Hailey and they were all so cute together. Kaylee was trying to figure out how to roll all over or army crawl to eat all the paper, she loves paper. We got to watch Greg play a game and have a really hard time finding his clues but finally finished the game to find out his parents got him a huge tool shelves. Greg's dad put on a look and find game where his dad read a book and it gave pictures of where to go look of treasure. It was so cute to watch, Brianna did very well this year and found almost half of them. The next day for my birthday all the kids, Greg, and his parents took me bowling and out to sushi it was so great. Sean is an excellent bowler and bri is cute cause she's so little but really wants to be good like her brother. Kaylee was happy just watching.

Sorry I cant figure out how to move pictures tonight but the pictures on the top are of Brianna and Sean's school performances. They are so cute and did so well. Bri was Mary in the story of baby Jesus being born. She quietly walked out with a baby under her dress holding it very nicely and then brought the baby out at the right moment. It was so cute and she was so proud. Also the boy Caden that was Joseph Bri says is her boyfriend and that she loves him. Young love so cute. Sean was Satan clause and he say three different Christmas songs. His favorite was jingle bell rocks and he was so cute practicing it everyday. He did so well and say really loud. Kaylee was bouncing around so excited at both performances.