Thursday, August 30, 2007

New Truck!!

So some of you may already know that this last week when Greg was driving home from work his Toyota decided to die on the side of the road as it smoked and came to its final halt. After Greg had the truck toed to a mechanic we found out that the engine had seized or completly died. So then came the great news that a new engine would be more than what we paid for the truck . So after me and Sean traveled two hours to pick Greg up in San Diego we decided it was time to find Greg a new truck. So this last week I have been searching like crazy online (cause I'm the one who searches, Greg cant stand to search online) to find the right truck for Greg. We totally lucked out and found this 2003 Tundra with all the amenities that Greg wanted: like a nice stereo, ipod hook up, low miles, and of course 5 spd transmission. So we bought this truck yesterday and we are loving it so far. The best part is that the truck came with a big speaker in the back that amplifies the bass. So when me and Greg are driving around I totally feel like I'm in high school again.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Monday night BBQ

So us and two other young couples in our ward decided that since its no fun to have family home evening by ourselves that we should start having them together. So we do all kinds of fun stuff like: go to the beach, play games, have a BBQ, go swimming, and more. So here are some fun pictures of all of us on last weeks Monday night BBQ. We also went swimming where I got learn the pool game sharks. Of course I was really bad at that game because I can not swim well. Hopefully this tradition will last for awhile. Sorry about the funny picuture of Greg and his closed eyes. As you can see Sean and Greg were having tons of fun playing with fire and seeing how big they could make the fire get.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Single mom at church

Well lately greg has had to work alot on Sundays, so this past month I have been the single mom at church trying to chase Sean around. I just want to give a big Horray out to all those single mom's that come to church by themselves every week. I really look up to you. It is alot of work. Today Sean decided to run up all of the hallways and tried to go up to the bishop in the middle of sacrament. Also he proceeded to throw a fit on the ground kicking when I tried to tell him "no." Good thing he is so cute and so much fun. Tonight on our walk Sean found the moon. It was so cute and he kept stopping and pointing at it. They are so smart.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Pool Party

Today Sean, Ashley, Me and Melissa all got together to go to a work pool party. So we packed up all our stuff or so I thought and headed to the pool party. Well when we got there and were getting ready to get in the pool, long and behold I had forgotten Sean's swimming trunks or swimmer diaper. So what do I do I resort to having him swim in his normal shorts and normal diaper, but man did he love it. He got to swim with his friend Ashley plus alot of other kids. Then after swimming he got to run around and throw rocks all over the place and sneak into the cooler where him and Ashley could eat all the ice they wanted. So after a long day of playing in the pool both kids crashed in the car on the way home. Of course Ashley has her binky and Sean has his blanket to fall asleep with. They are so much fun.

So Sean's friend Ashley came over today to play and man can they play. They are one month apart and have been friends since they were born. They are so cute together and entertain each other so well. So you see Ashley has always loved the binky and Sean has always hated the binky even though I really wanted him to like the binki. Well today he saw Ashley with her binky in her mouth and he decided that looked like fun so the whole car ride he kept stealing her binky and putting it in his mouth and chewing on it. The best part was that Ashley kept grunting at him to give back her binky. So as you can see from the picture above instead of having a binky Sean has taken on sucking (yes sucking) on a little blanket when he's trying to go to sleep or for comfort. I dont know why but it looks like it would taste grose.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

One Crazy Day

Today was a crazy day because it was crazy at work and I felt like I was just dragging my feet all day long. Do ever have those days where you feel like you just cant wake up for the day. To add on top of that Cherie the sweet lady who watches Sean told me that my portable playard broke on the side and now Sean figured out how to get out of the playard, so time to buy a new one. And to make the day even more crazy when I walked out to my car to put Sean in his car seat I see that my front license plate is all bent and there are black marks all over the front of my bumper So it looks like someone was trying to get out of a spot and hit my car without realizing it or let on purpose, leaving me nice little present. So that is my crazy day. Hopefully tomorrow is better.

Monday, August 13, 2007

The week Regan visited.

This week has been fun. We had Regan come visit us and stay with us. It was so much fun to run around with her. We sure do miss all our friends that have moved away. Also this week Sean decided to kiss and hug this new little girl that came to church this week. It was so funny seem him hold her hand and then lean over and try to kiss her. He's going to be a womanizer.
Sean figured out how to find his own food and take charge. That is so his personality to just take charge and do it himself.

My first Post.

This is my fun little family. There is me (Annie), Sean, and Greg. We live in Huntington Beach and of course loving it. Sean is growing so fast and is so much fun.