Monday, March 21, 2011

Kaylee May McClellan

So, some of you may already know, but last week on March 16th baby Kaylee decided to join our world. She was born at 29 weeks weighing in at 1lb 12oz. It's kind of a long story so bear with me. We knew she had CMV which is an infection and was really small for her gestational age but just when we thought things were going good and she kept growing according to ultrasounds I ended up getting Pregnancy Induced Hypertension or PIH and swelling really bad last weekend. I felt so sick. So because Rachel had PIH with Kyler I decided to have Greg check my blood pressure and sure enough it was elevated but I was still in denial and thought everything would be ok. So Tuesday afternoon I went to see my OB hoping to be sent home on bed rest but instead got told to pack up and head to a different hospital where they could do a ultrasound and do my labs. Greg was at work and I had both kids as we headed to the next hospital to do the ultrasound. Good news there is the baby looked great and was in no distress, but my body was not agreeing. My blood pressure was still up and my labs came back looking bad. So I called Greg right away to come pick up the kids, got a shot of steroids to help the babies lung develop and shipped off to another hospital in San Diego where they have a NICU that can take such small babies. When I got to the hospital everyone was suited up and ready to go to deliver the baby. Needless to say, I'm freaking out! I'm trying to get a hold of Greg to come back and all the while I'm getting poked and probed. Greg was awesome, he woke up the kids at ten o clock at night and took them to our great friends who let the kids stay the night and Greg came and joined me. On March 16th at 12:20 am baby Kaylee was born at 1 lb 12oz 13 inches long. Once they warmed her up she started to cry and fuse and move around. So they took her back to NICU and put on an a little machine in her nose to just give her a little oxygen and pressure to help her breath. They all are saying she's doing amazing for how little she is and how many weeks she is. We lucked out and got to hold her day two of her life because she did so well. I stayed at the hospital driving my nurses crazy for about two days before asking to be released home. Greg and I decided that I'm the worse patient in the world and hate hospitals. The kids were excited to have me home but a little confused on where their baby sister was. Were hoping in six to eight weeks if all goes well she can come home. So for now Greg and I are trying to drive down to San Diego a couple times a week to visit with Kaylee and be there for her. Thanks for every one's prayers and help with watching our kids, you are all life savers.