Thursday, June 25, 2009

Brianna is walking

So she did it. I was starting to wonder. I thought she was starting to get content with just walking around holding our fingers until today. She was holding onto the table and just took off walking down the hallway. It was so cute. She just kept doing it all night. She was so excited. She's still nervous but I think after a few days she will be cruising all over the place. Also she has so much hair that today I put her into two pig tails. It was so cute. She's getting so big. 

Saturday, June 20, 2009

New House

So for those that did not know we have officially moved and so far we are loving it. I must say I cant believe how crowded we were in that little cute two bedroom condo. I am loving all the space and three bedrooms. But more than anything I am loving the backyard and garage. It is so nice. I can go outside and play with the kids and when I'm cooking I can see them outside the kitchen window and the backyard is fenced in so I don't have to worry about them running away. We are slowly meeting new people, the people in the neighborhood are really nice and quiet. Sean and Brianna are loving the new place and adjusted so well, I was so nervous but they did really well. Also we have this awesome toy room which I love so all the toys are not in my living room now. So anyone that is coming to San Diego, please come visit or stay because we have an extra bedroom now(Ya). So we are officially San Diego people. Our new address is 3423 Ricewood Drive Oceanside, Ca 92058. Our numbers are still the same. Thanks for the help from everyone, that helped us move.