Friday, February 29, 2008

Puppy, Bear, and Stitch

So I wrote awhile ago about how Sean's imagination has grown like crazy, well the last month it has grown even more. We are to the point now that Sean has to take his favorite friends puppy, bear, and stitch with us everywhere we go. Also anything he does he wants to take his friends, like to the bath, eat dinner, watching cartoons, and of course on his bike. I love to watch him pretend talk to his stuffed animals, I don't understand what he is saying but he is talking to them. Also when we read books now he will full on laugh out loud at certain parts of the book, which is so cute because he has no idea what's funny he just remembers us laughing at something so now he laughs at it. Anywhere we go he can identify any of the characters- Mickey mouse, cars, and fishes. He gets so excited about all the characters. I love to see how excited he gets about everything.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Well the last couple of days have been really nice here in HB, with weather up to the high 70's. So today me and Greg both had the day off so we decided to try something new. So we took Sean Kayaking. We rented a Kayak and paddled around HB harbor. It was awesome. I was really scared because I thought my big belly would make a tip over but we did great. Sean even was able to stand up and look at all the big boats and houses in the harbor. I really messed up this time by not bringing the camera. I've gotten really bad at remembering the camera lately.  So sorry no pictures Greg said I was officially fired from camera duty. Sean was really cute in his little life jacket and he was so excited about the whole thing. I cant wait for this summer to take him on the boat, I think he will love it. Also we have our C-section date for Brianna. May 22, 2008 at noon will be her due date. We are really excited. 

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Flying with Popi

Sunday at the Grandparents for Jennifer's birthday. Sean got to fly. This is a McClellan 'boy' tradition. Now it's Sean's turn to be flown.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Black Eye

So Sean has always been a crazy boy and beating himself up, but I think this time he topped all other injuries he has had. The sad part was that he did not do it while trying to do some stunt or something fun. What happened was the other night me and Greg were putting him to bed and I was laying Sean down in his bed, when he decided to bend his knees and jump forward as soon as I laid him down. Which in turn he did a face plant into the headboard. What you must remember is that Sean's headboard has shelfs to it which makes for some sharps edges. Sean cried out in pain and just wanted to be held for the rest of the night. Of course he wouldn't let us put any ice or anything on it. These pictures don't do the injury justice because it was alot worse the third day but I forget to get a picture. Luckily Sean is still in one piece and running around like crazy and exploring the world.