Friday, March 27, 2009

Hanging with the grandparents!!

So last weekend my parents came out to visit and we all ended up going to a weeding in Los Angeles at the temple. It was so much fun. After the wedding we all went out to Santa Monica to play at the beach and found a really cool playground. The kids had a blast. Then on Saturday my parents got a hotel and we stayed there and swam. Sean was so excited to swim and have his own huge bed. He kept saying "I love this." That is his new phrase when he really likes something. Brianna is getting good at cruising around and putting everything in her mouth. She is so cute. She is like her brother and loves to play outside. Also when every she sees animals or we make the animal noises she laughs out loud. So cute. We tried out this hat that Greg's mom made and it looked so cute on her. 

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Nana and Papa visiting our house


Well its been quit awhile since we have seen any grandparents everyone is so crazy busy its hard to get together anymore. So we were so excited when Greg's parents came down Saturday to spend the whole day with us and the kids. The night before Sean was like Nana and papa coming, he couldn't wait. Brianna was also excited and tried showing off how she can walk with her little walker. She is so fun to watch grow and do new things. Saturday morning we all went to breakfast at Sugar Shack and then walked around main street where they were having a car show of all these old cars, it was cool to see all those. Then me, Jennifer, Sean, and Brianna walked to the end of the pier where we all got to see a huge crab, Sean was so excited and kept wanting to go back and look at the crab. The rest of the day we just hung out at our house and then for dinner they London broil which was so good so we ate dinner and played a game. Of course the game didn't really work out due to the kids being crazy. Sean now thinks he knows how to play chess after watching that short film with the old guy so Sean was showing papa how to play chess. Its always fun hanging out with the family.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Playing at the park

Well we all decided to get out and go on a nice run to the park and let the kids play for awhile. Me and Sean played like we were transformers saving a cat. Brianna had blast swinging and trying out the slide. When it came time to leave Brianna threw a fit cause she did not want to leave. It was so cute. The other day I went running and when I got back Sean said he wanted to go running, so Greg followed Sean as he took off running around the neighborhood, with his little headset so he could hear music. Greg said he went about a mile. When he got back he put his hands on his sides and was pretending to breath hard and he said "I'm sweaty" and wiped his brow. I was dying I couldn't stop laughing. I'm glad that he's learning that exercise is fun. They are both so cute and so much fun.  

Friday, March 6, 2009

St George Utah

So this weekend we took off to St George, Utah to go visit my cousin and her kids. It was so much fun.  We all had a blast. Sean loved running around with the two boys and Brianna discovered stairs, she figured out how to climb but could not get down. We went to this fun jump house that has all these air filled jumping house and then we went to a pirate arcade dinner. I wished we lived closer so we could all hang out more. Halle is their new baby girl and she was so cute and so mellow. The kids did great on the long drive so that gives us hope that maybe we can drive out to Idaho sometime.