Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008

This christmas was so much fun. It was so cute to see how excited the kids got. Sean wanted to open all the presents for everyone. Brianna wasn't so sure what to think about it all, but she had fun. The kids loved all the toys. Brianna got lots of dolls and she is not sure what to think of them. She much rather play with Sean's toys. So this year we had our own christmas at our house. So Christmas Eve we had dinner with Greg's parents and sister at our house and read the Christmas story and open one present. It was fun to hang out with everyone. On Christmas day we opened gifts as a family and then packed up and headed to Valencia to spend time with Greg's family. We had so much fun the day after Christmas opening gifts with his family and of course celebrating my birthday. So now I am the big 29, time flies by. Greg's dad gave all the boys nerf guns and they had so much shooting each other and running around. It was so fun to watch. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

Monday, December 22, 2008

7 months

So I say this every time but time flies by. So I was starting to worry because all Brianna's friends were starting to crawl and move all over and little miss lazy would turn over ever once in awhile. So I shouldn't have had this thought because the next week she figured out how to do the worm and move around quite well. She also gets up on all four and sits in one spot buts tries to rock back and forth. She is so cute. We are having so much fun with little Brianna. Lately Sean has been loving to feed Brianna and she thinks it is so much fun. I am amazed how much Brianna adores Sean. She has a little exer saucer that she can stand in and turn around so now she just keeps turning so she can watch Sean wherever he goes. Kids are so much fun and so cute. Look at this cute picture of Brianna's crazy hair day. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Decorating for Christmas

Well after Thanksgiving as you all know they start showing all the christmas movies on tv so Sean has been asking alot of questions about christmas and Santa. It is so cute. I can't believe how excited he. To bad he can't understand that it wont be here for a couple more weeks. So once December came we got out all the christmas decorations and decorated outside and inside. Sean watched while Greg climbed on the roof and hung lights and then later that night we ate cookies and decorated the tree. Sean was so good and soft with the ornaments, he managed to put up about half of them of course all at his level and not break one. I was so impressed. Every night we have been reading christmas stories and talking about leaving Santa cookies and how we have to be a good boy to get presents. I decided no more taking Sean to go shopping with me, he almost told Greg what I got him for Christmas. Brianna just loves to watch Sean and how excited he gets about all the christmas stuff. Here's some cute christmas pictures 


I can't believe Thanksgiving already came and went. I know Im so super slow on blogging but I really wanted to put up these cute pictures of Thanksgiving. We all went up to Greg's parents house and just hung out and ate lots of food. This year Greg did the turkey and he did something called brimming. It turned out really good, I was a big fan. The kids had a blast running around and playing with the grandparents. Me and Greg got a nice little break while we were up there. I was crazy and decided to get up at 6am and going shopping on Friday the day after Thanksgiving. I cant how crazy people are and how many people are out so early in the morning. I found a few good deals but decided it wasn't worth the trouble unless I went right when the store opens. I am so thankful for family, a job, a beautiful home, wonderful kids and husband. I need to sit down everyday and remember all the things I have been given. As you all know Sean got burned a month ago and as you can see the pictures he is almost all the way healed. It's amazing how fast kids heal, they are so tough. Brianna is growing like crazy and finally figured out how to move all around by rolling, or moving in a circle on her belly she's so cute.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pony, trains, and zoo animals

So lately Sean has been getting stir crazy because he has not been able to go to the park or play with to many kids at once due to his burns. So today we decided to take all the kids to Irvine park where they have trains, ponies that you can ride, and a little zoo. It is one of our favorite parks. So first we went and saw the animals and Sean loved the Bears and goats, he even got to feed the goats. We saw a jaguar and Sean said that's Diego's friend. It was so cute. The best was watching Sean ride the horse, he was having so much fun. I kept trying to get the horse to go faster but all he wanted to do was walk really slow. We had a blast. Brianna was a good girl and hung out in the stroller, it will be fun when she can run around and understand all the things she is seeing. We had fun watching the Sean run around and get so excited about the train, ponies, and zoo. Sean has been doing so well with potty training. I love not changing diapers. All you that are afraid like I was to potty train just go for it, it's so worth the first two weeks of frustration. We have even worked our way up to teaching him how to stand and go pee pee. Which is so funny for me to watch. Sean loves to play shot the cheerios in the potty. 

6 Months Old

It crazy how fast time flies by. I can't believe that Brianna is already 6 months old. I was starting to wonder if she was ever going to really move or even try to sit up. She is sort of lazy. Also her new nickname is Drama Queen. Every time we walk away from her she starts to cry and sometimes when your sitting close by her but not talking to her or playing with her, she will start to cry, but she has the cutest laugh in the world. Well in the last couple of weeks she has figured out how to sit up (sort of by herself), squirm in a circle on her belly, sit up out of her chair, eat little graduate puffs, eat baby fruits and vegetables. She is so funny if she sees her bottle she starts to make this squeaking noise and squirming to try and get her bottle.  We are loving her and her drama. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So this last week Greg had some time off and decided to be nice and clean the house for me. Sean was so interested in what Greg was doing that he insisted on helping. It was so cute to see the two of them cleaning the whole house. I loved watching them. I am so thankful for the great boys in my life. They both are so sweet and try to help out so much. I am also so thankful for my beautiful baby girl and great family. I hope when Sean grows up he'll know how to cook, clean, and fix things that would be so nice when he's old enough to get married. 

Monday, November 17, 2008

Disneyland 2008

Well I finally decided to buy a Disneyland annual pass since Sean is only free for 6 more months. So last week I had some friends come visit from Arizona and we all went to Disneyland for the day and the kids had so much fun. Sean loved all the rides and all day he kept asking to go see Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse so he was so excited to meet Mickey mouse. I think so far his favorite ride is the little roller coaster in toon town. Leave it to Greg's son to be in love with roller coasters like his dad, given why Sean loves going to visit grandma and grandpa because he always gets to go to six flags and ride all the kid roller coasters. Also while we were watching the parade Sean was jumping up and down because he got to see all the characters that he watches on is movies, the only one he didn't know was Alice in Wonderland. The joys of living in California. The other best part about my friends visiting is that they have two older girls that are seven and four. Well Sean and the oldest had the hardest time getting along. I think because they are both stubborn and the oldest they couldn't seem to share anything and were always annoyed with each other. Now when the seven year old wasn't around Sean and the four year old got along great. It was so funny to watch. 

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sean's First ER visit

 Well me and Greg always knew that Sean would have many trips to the ER but I was hoping it wouldn't be for awhile. Well before I start the story I admit that it is all my fault I thought Sean could not get into a Thermos but I was wrong. So we were over at our friends house for FHE and Greg and BJ were drinking this south American drink that you slowly add a little more hot water to this mug and sip on it. So the Thermos was sitting in the middle of the room when Sean got a hold of it. I looked back to see Sean trying to get out of the chair and throwing the Thermos up over his shoulder and low and behold he starts screaming. So luckily Greg was there and picked him while we took off his shirt and starting running cold water over his shoulder and Sean is screaming and crying. Well of course he started to get blisters and we could tell right away this was serious, so we packed up the kids and drove straight to the ER. We got into the ER right away where we sat for a couple of hours. Sean was fine as long as you did not touch his burn but if you came close he started to cry. I must say this boy has a high pain tolerance. I would of been screaming the whole time. So because we love drugs we got him some Morphine which was a shot and I think that hurt more than them cleaning up his burn and putting a dressing on it. So we went and saw the burn doctor the next day where she proceeded to tell me I have to now  be my child's own burn nurse, which entails 1-soaking his shoulder for 10 mins 2- scrubbing his shoulder 3-putting medicine on it 4- re bandage the burn. Or my other choice was to have him go to surgery and be put under and they would clean it and put cavader skin over his burn. Well luckily for me Sean has an amazing pain tolerance and did really well on the first day of me and Greg trying to be burn nurses. So we will continue this for the next week and then hopefully go back and have the doctor tell us it looks great and healing well. So keep Sean in your prayers. The burn is from his right nipple up to the top of his shoulder. Sean got a bear at the ER which has helped us to show him what were going to be doing to him, so now its his best friend. We call Sean's bandages his batman shield which is a life saver when were trying to put the bandages back on. I hope you enjoy the pictures of his shield.  

Friday, October 31, 2008


Well happy Halloween. I cant believe it is already Halloween, it seems like it was just summer. Well things have been crazy busy and I have been trying to potty train Sean lately and that is whole other challenge in of itself. Anyone that says its not that bad I disagree. It's frustrating that they do so well then the next day have like three accidents. So if anyone has advice let me know. Well this year for Halloween we took the kids down town to go trick or treating on Main street. Every year they block off the street and let the kids trick or treat at the stores and then they have bounce houses, animals to pet, and the police man and fireman are there handing out candy. Sean was loving the bounce houses, which is nice cause then he didn't do much trick or treating. Brianna just chilled in the stroller. She was a cute ladybug and Sean was an awesome Batman. After going downtown we went to our ward trunk or treat where people decorate their cars and go trick or treat car to car. Sean had so much fun with his little friend Kate. I think they really like each other. When we got home Sean went trick or treating to our neighbors and was loving to say "trick or treat." They grow up so fast its crazy. I am excited for Christmas I love to decorate for Christmas. Well Happy Halloween to everyone. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Huntington Beach Fire Department

Most of the time we blog about our darling children, but not today! Its Greg's turn in the spotlight. For all of you that don't know already, Greg recently realized his long time goal of working as a firefighter for the city of Huntington Beach Fire Department. He has wanted this position for at least 5 years and has been active in the application process for the past 2. After 2 applications, one for firefighter and the other for firefighter/paramedic, a captain's interview, a physical agility test, a paramedic skills test, a background investigation, a chief's interview, a physcological evaluation, a polygraph exam, and a medical exam its finally done! Whew!! Everyone is sooo excited. We get to see him more because he dosen't have to commute 220 miles to work(no really, it was 220 miles to work). He is loving it because it truly is a great department with awesome people. Now whenever we want we get to go to the fire house for a private tour or see daddy riding down the street in the big red fire engine, how cool! Now we just hope that Sean dosen't do something to make daddy respond to our house on duty.