Sunday, December 30, 2007

Loving the Snow

So when we first got to Idaho Sean did not know what to think of the snow and didn't really want to play in it. Well after about four days Sean decided that the snow and playing outside was the best thing in the world. Everyday he would wake up and go look for the cat. Play with cat for about thirty minutes and then quickly eat and then head for the door trying to get out and pointing at the door crying because he wanted to play outside. He loved the snow so much he would go out and play all by himself. I think his favorite part besides following the dog around was working, by either shoveling snow, feeding the animals, or working on the tractor. Also by the fourth day he decided that he really liked riding the snowmobile even though he had to wear three hundred layers. One day him and Kyler were playing outside in the snow pushing a big dump truck around in the snow. I was amazed how fast Sean got use to the cold. I was there for two weeks and still could not get use to the cold. It just goes to show that Sean is a great little boy who just loves to learn and do new things.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day !!

A tradition of the Archibald's is that we all get together Christmas Eve and eat alot of good food, mingle, and then of course read or perform the story of Jesus birth. Well this year we decided to read the story due to the fact that we really only had three little kids to perform Jesus birth and none of us adults were about to perform. We had alot of fun and enjoyed spending time with all the family. Sean on the other hand ended up getting sick that night and throwing up all over me and the bed. Poor kid we were trying so hard to get him to eat all night and come to find out his stomach was hurting him. I wish he could tell us these things. Christmas day was so much fun. I loved watching Sean getting all excited about opening gifts and then of course playing with all his new gifts. He loved opening the presents the most. We also had an early Christmas right before we left for Idaho so Sean got three Christmas this year because did another Christmas after we got back with Greg's family. Sean was loving life. I really enjoyed dragging it out too. After opening gifts we all went over to Brad and Sherry's to have breakfast and enjoy each others company. We also got to talk to Brandon (my cousin who's on a mission in Brazil) and find out how he was doing. Sean of course spent all his time up in Garrett's room playing with all the John Deer tractors and loving life, he was so sad when the day finally ended. He just wanted to play all day. He even wanted to play in the snow. I think he's really start to like the snow. I hope everyone had a great Christmas. We missed everyone.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Discovering Snow !!

So on our second day in Idaho we went with my whole family and Rachel and her kids up to a place called Badger Creek. It's a lodge up in the moutains with big sledding hill next to it. So this is where Sean really got a taste of snow. So we all packed up for the night and brought all our layers so we could go play in the snow. The first night we went sledding and Sean was really unsure about the wet, cold snow and especially all the layers he had to wear. As you can see from the pictures Sean was not too happy this first night. Me and Greg had alot of fun playing in the snow. That night after having a dinner we tried to put all three kids (his cousins Kambrea and Klyer) asleep in the same room. The reason for this was because it was the only heated room. So after only getting about three hours of sleep I officially decided I like being in my own bed. Each kid ended up taking a turn waking up through the whole night. Half the night Sean wanted to be held because he rolled out of the bed. One kid would wake up and of course another kid would wake up. So man was I tired the next day. We made the best of it and put on all our layers again to go play in the snow. We got like 5 inches that night. We took Sean on the snowmobile, which he liked but was still unsure about all this snow and clothing. As you can see from the pictures my dad was having a great time while all the kids were freezing to death. I am glad that we went though.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Traveling to Idaho

So we decided to make the trek out to Idaho this year for christmas. Our trip out there was eventful. We ended up waking up to our friend knocking on our door at 5am. Some how our alarms did not go off. So we threw on our clothes grabbed Sean and headed out the door. To add on to that we ended up hiting alot more traffic than I thought so we ended up getting to the airport late and plus there was a ton of people there. So since we were late we ended up missing our flight and being standby on the next flight out. We'll little did we know that we ended up getting into Las Vegas about the same time we were suppose to be loading our next flight. So we missed our flight out of Vegas and ended up losing all that money on that flight. Well we didn't want to be stranded in Vegas so we bought two more tickets with another airline to take us to Salt Lake instead of Idaho Falls, and dad was nice enough to find us a shuttle ride home to Rexburg. So hundreds of dollars later and a 12 hour day of traveling we finally made it home to Idaho. Once we got off the shuttle I remembered why I dont live in Idaho. I was freezing cold and the wind was blowing really hard. Sean had his first experience in snow and seemed unsure about it. He got all bundled up (which he hated of course) and headed outside with dad to throw snowballs. Luckily that night we had a nice warm sleep at my dad's house by the fire. Got to love the wood stove.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snow falling in California?

So can you believe that we have snow falling in California. OK, we really don't but they like to make us feel special so the mall up the street from our house puts on a little show every night of fake snow falling around a Christmas tree and Christmas music playing. It was actually really neat to watch. Me and Sean went with my friend Melissa and her little girl Ashley (who is a month younger than Sean). Sean and Ashley were loving it. I didn't get the best pictures because my camera was dying but the kids were running all around and trying to catch the snow. We also found out that Ashley is alot better climber and stair walker than Sean. Ashley can full on walk down steps on her own where as Sean still sits on his butt and scoots down the steps. After an hour of running around the Christmas tree and eating dinner, we dragged the kids off to the car kicking and screaming. And I mean literally kicking and screaming. They did not want to leave. I'm really glad that we went. It got me even more excited to take Sean home to see snow. Sorry you can't see the snow in the pictures, I promise there was snow falling.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wild Animal Park

Well today was an exciting day. Me, Greg, and Sean all got to spend the day together and to make it even better we all went to the wild animal park. We have never been before and were so excited to see what it entailed. It was alot of hiking around but definitely worth it. We saw so many fun animals and Sean was loving it. Of course we only lasted half a day. That is the nice part about getting free tickets that way you don't feel like you have to stay all day to get your money's worth. Sean got to pet some animals, see lions, giraffe's, zebra's, and hippo's. I loved watching his facing every time we saw a new animal. I officially decided that Sean needs to go the the farm every summer because he loves animals and can pretty much make the sounds of all the animals. Sean is starting to talk alot more and he lets you know what he wants whether its talking or dragging you to what he wants. If anyone comes to San Diego you have to go to the wild animal park you will love it. We also decided that Sean is going to be the social bunny. He loves other kids and he is not shy at all. That makes me excited I want him to be social and get out and have fun.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Tree Fight!!

So me and Greg had this bright idea for christmas cards this year. So we pack Sean up and drive over to the christmas tree lot in prusuit of a tree for Sean to pretend dragging with christmas lights while we take the perfect picture of him to send off to everyone. Well as you can see that didn't go as planned. Sean had his own plan. He just wanted to run around and hit the trees with a stick. So at least we got some funny pictures out of it but no christmas cards this year. Sorry! Im lazy. I love everyone else's cards though. So thanks for sending them. We are off to Idaho in three days and can't wait to play in the snow. Sean willbe so excited. Me and Greg cant wait to go skiing. Hope you all have a great Christmas. Love Annie, Greg, Sean

Sunday, December 2, 2007


So its crazy to think that Sean is turning into such a big boy. He just wants to do everything on his own. He feeds himself with big people utensils, he dances, he colors, and he's even trying to talk. It seems like just yesturday he was a new born who could barely hold his head up and all he knew how to do was drink a bottle and sleep. I think the world of my family and they mean everything to me. I never knew you could love someone so much.


Well we had a great thanksgiving hanging out with Greg's family. Greg unfornutenly had to work so it was just me and Sean but we had alot of fun spending time with Greg's parents and his sister and his brother and his wife. We all ate alot of food and played some games. Sean's favorite game was playing peek a boo with Greg's brother. The day after Thanksgiving around 9am me and Sean went with Grandma and Grandpa Mcclellan to the mall to do some after Thanksgiving shopping. Suprisely I bought alot of stuff and got alot of good deals. After about three hours we were all done with shopping so we took off and all ate great leftover turkey and then took naps. That is my kind of holiday. On Saturday Greg came up and hung out with all of us. We all got together again to celebrate Grandpa Scott's birthday. Sean loved the birthday cake. We cant wait for Christmas, we are counting down the days to Christmas.