Monday, March 8, 2010

A new cousin Baby Hailey

The two brothers with their kids. They are all
so cute. We are all so excited to have a cousin.
Brianna was in love with the baby, Sean thought
she was cute but more concerned about watching
fun Steve's movies.

The proud mommy holding her darling daughter.
Hailey was such a good baby she just slept the whole
time we were there. I especially love her hair bows.
Jeni was doing so well and looked so good and even rested.

Greg and Sean hanging at the table playing some games.
Me and bri got to go on a drive to get my favorite foods
Tito's tacos and diddy reese cookies.

Brianna with the new proud parents. Bri was
loving the new baby but was good kept her
distance because Bri was getting over a cold.

Steve is such a good dad and so proud. I tell ya
those girls have their daddies wrapped around
their little fingers from day one.