Friday, October 31, 2008


Well happy Halloween. I cant believe it is already Halloween, it seems like it was just summer. Well things have been crazy busy and I have been trying to potty train Sean lately and that is whole other challenge in of itself. Anyone that says its not that bad I disagree. It's frustrating that they do so well then the next day have like three accidents. So if anyone has advice let me know. Well this year for Halloween we took the kids down town to go trick or treating on Main street. Every year they block off the street and let the kids trick or treat at the stores and then they have bounce houses, animals to pet, and the police man and fireman are there handing out candy. Sean was loving the bounce houses, which is nice cause then he didn't do much trick or treating. Brianna just chilled in the stroller. She was a cute ladybug and Sean was an awesome Batman. After going downtown we went to our ward trunk or treat where people decorate their cars and go trick or treat car to car. Sean had so much fun with his little friend Kate. I think they really like each other. When we got home Sean went trick or treating to our neighbors and was loving to say "trick or treat." They grow up so fast its crazy. I am excited for Christmas I love to decorate for Christmas. Well Happy Halloween to everyone. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Huntington Beach Fire Department

Most of the time we blog about our darling children, but not today! Its Greg's turn in the spotlight. For all of you that don't know already, Greg recently realized his long time goal of working as a firefighter for the city of Huntington Beach Fire Department. He has wanted this position for at least 5 years and has been active in the application process for the past 2. After 2 applications, one for firefighter and the other for firefighter/paramedic, a captain's interview, a physical agility test, a paramedic skills test, a background investigation, a chief's interview, a physcological evaluation, a polygraph exam, and a medical exam its finally done! Whew!! Everyone is sooo excited. We get to see him more because he dosen't have to commute 220 miles to work(no really, it was 220 miles to work). He is loving it because it truly is a great department with awesome people. Now whenever we want we get to go to the fire house for a private tour or see daddy riding down the street in the big red fire engine, how cool! Now we just hope that Sean dosen't do something to make daddy respond to our house on duty.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bratz outfit

I just wanted to show you this darling outfit that Rachel bought for Brianna. I love it. First of all it says Bratz on it and second of all it had this cute star on her butt, like the ones on the sweat pants that all the girls are wearing now. As you can tell I have a ton of fun playing dress up. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Professional Pictures

So are they not the cutest kids in the world. So if anyone knows me I hate to go get professional pictures because I think it takes forever, expensive, and my kids are never good for the pictures. Well I decided to try again now that Sean is older and now that we have Brianna. So I made Greg come with me because I knew I would need help, which I did. So it started out good where Sean was all excited and wanted to pose and everytime we would say Batman or Superman he gave us an awesome smile like you see above by himself, but everytime we would say cheese he would give that funny smile you see with him and Brianna. Well after five minutes Sean was bored and Brianna was being all fussy because she did not have her nap yet even though I tried before we got there. Well luckily after some fighting we got a few really cute pictures. I wish I had a better one of the two of them together. Brianna did pretty well for her individual pose, I love her smile. She has the cutest laugh esp when she is laughing at Sean. I can't believe how interested she is in Sean. The older Sean gets I think the more he looks like me and Brianna I think looks a ton like Greg, it will be neat to see what they look like as teenagers.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Future Firefighter

Well this weekend was the open house for Huntington beach fire department so of course we took Sean and Brianna to see the fire trucks. Sean loved it. He was not shy at all, he was climbing all over the fire trucks and even managed to hit the button to make the loud horn go off. We invited his friends Luke, Penny, and Saxon. He loved running around with all of them and looking at all the fun fire stuff and even go on a tour of where Greg is currently working. We love fire fighters.

Monday, October 6, 2008


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My Quirks:
1. I hate when my house is a mess, which I am learning I have to deal with since I have a two year old
2. I hate when me or my kids have anything on their faces or hands. Sean hates it cause Im always picking at his face.
3. I hate crooked pictures. If I see that one of my pictures on the wall are crooked I have to stop what Im doing and fix it. 
4. I hate when people say their going to do something or meet up with you but then totally bail. 
5. I hate when there is water on the sink either in the kitchen or bathroom. This is due to my dad making us clean up around the sink every time we used it.
6. I hate when people smack or chew really loud it just hits this nerve I cant stand to be hit.

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Play time

So we have this fun mat that has lights, toys, and music that plays above the babies head. Also it is low enough that she can grab for the toys. Brianna loves to play with this toy and try grab for the toys. She is such a good little girl. Also she loves to sit on the couch while she watches Sean, she is so amazed by him and what he can do. I hope their good friends when they get older. This weekend Greg's parents were great and came down to visit and spend time with all of us. We had fun. We went the beach, went to Bella Terra (an outdoor mall) where we got dinner and then watched Sean run around with a bunch of girls that he found playing wring around the rosy, and Sean got some Pow Pow time in with his Papa. Sean and Brianna love spending time with their grandparents. It is also a nice little break for us too. 

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Now that Sean is getting so big we are having so much fun doing new things or having even more fun with him. We have taken Sean waterskiing before but this time was so much more fun because he was so excited about everything. He was great at holding the flag to pulling in the rope. Also he tried out the tube with me and Greg he was having a blast, I was the one who was more scared Sean was smiling and laughing. Thanks to Greg's dad for taking us out waterskiing. We cant wait till next summer when Brianna can join us on the boat.