Sunday, June 5, 2011

So the other night Greg wanted to find Kaylee a new room because her bassinet seems huge for her ( not to mention that she is the loudest sleeper) and he found the perfect fit. So we tried Kaylee's new home out to see how she liked it. As you can tell, yes that is a dollhouse and she is on the top level of the doll house. It was so cute. She just hung out. Don't worry Greg let her back in her bed later.

So you can see how much Kaylee is growing in this next picture, she moved up to the baby bath chair that you normally use when they come home. In the second picture it is of her in our bathroom sink where she got her baths the first few weeks she was home. Good job Kaylee your getting big.

This picture I love because it shows how small she really is. She got this stuffed lady and the tramp as a coming home gift from her big brother and sister and look how she is just a little bigger than the dog.

We are loving having her home. I forget how much work newborns are and how they love to eat all the time. The kids keep asking me when she can eat their food and when they can pick her up. I keep telling them when she's ALOT bigger and older, maybe when she's 2! Before we know it that time will be here.