Saturday, November 13, 2010

Halloween 2010

Sorry everyone I am so slow at blogging lately I cant seem to keep up. Well this year we had Halloween for almost a week but it was so fun. At the beginning of October we decorated the house for Halloween and the kids had a blast they even built a spooky house which turned out so well. The kids had a party at preschool where they all dressed up and played games and had little trick or treating. Then on Saturday all of us with my sister in law and her little girl went a really neat pumpkin patch. Where first we got a huge pumpkin almost as big as Sean, then we petted the animals, then we did a straw bail maze, Sean and me rode on a tractor around the pumpkin farm and last but not least the kids rode horses and they had so much fun. It so fun to watch how excited they get.

So after a long day at the pumpkin patch that night the kids got all dressed up as a fairy and GI Joe and we headed to the church trunk or treat. The best part was Greg's parents, brother, sister in law and baby Hailey came so it was fun to do the trick or treating with everyone. So we started with some great chili and then the kids did a costume parade, and last but not least the kids went car to car trick or treating it was so cute. Brianna got so much candy she was dragging her bag of candy at the end. Greg got all creative and carved four pumpkin and lite them up in the back of his truck and was apart of the trunk or treat. The pumpkins looked awesome.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Waterskiing and camping

So we have wanted to go water skiing forever but life has been so crazy that we just now made it out to water skiing but we had so much fun. This year we went up with Greg's dad, his friend and my friend from work came with her family(a little girl that's one and little boy that's three). So we all roughed it and camped out in tents and amazingly the kids did really well. The next day we all took turns wake boarding or water skiing and the kids did so well on their water ski's. Greg's dad has this awesome set up that looks like a jet ski but it helps teach the kids to water ski. As you can see the kids love it and do so well. Sean has got so adventurous that he even tries without hands and one time he tried moving outside the wave. I'm sad summer is almost done.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer Adventures

My kids are that great age that they do so well at the beach now. They both just go out and play in the water or build sand castles. Its so cute to watch them go up and make new friends and just start playing with other kids. Sean also took a liking to boogie boarding and does well at it. I love the beach.

For a week my friends two kids came and stayed with us. The kids had so much fun and loved having little friends all the time. We did alot of swimming and beach. The kids loved the beach. I also got to learn what it is like to have four children under the age five, all a year apart and drive a mini van. So one I give props out to Amber who is going to have four under the age four and say you are a saint its a lot of work. Also sorry I could never do the whole mini van thing, its just not me.

So one of our many adventures this summer was going up to Lake Arrowhead with Greg's family. My kids had a blast swimming, hiking in the mountains, feeding the ducks, and riding the go carts. The best part for me is Greg and kids went up alone for a couple of days and I got so much done by myself it was amazing, then Greg came home alone and we went out on a late night date cause we had no kids. So the kids stayed with his parents where Sean proceeded to get stung by a bee and was not happy, but had a blast with Nanny and Papa. I was able to pick them up and stay a couple of days and see baby Hailey who Bri loved and could not stop touching.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fun days in the McClellan House

So I just wanted to post some random fun pictures I have of the kids
or fun things we have done lately. They are so much fun.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Brianna's 2nd Birthday!!

Brianna had such a fun birthday. We all went up to Greg's parents house where
his mom made a great little mermaid cake. She even found rocks that are made
out of chocolate. The best part was Bri got a dress up box with makeup and
dress up clothes she was so excited and kept putting on the lip balm all day.
Also she got some cute babies and coloring. We also went to magic mountain
for the day where the kids got to ride a bunch of rides.
Happy Birthday Brianna!!
We love you!!

As you can see brianna loves her cousin Baby Hailey and wanted to cuddle with her.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Greg's 30th Birthday

Can you believe it Greg is now 30!! He wasn't so excited
about the big day so me and the kids decided to make it
something he would never forget. A good friend of mine
hooked me up and took Greg flying. He had so much fun.
Once they were in the air Greg took over and flew for about
an hour. He got to learn all the controls and how to fly.
He had a blast. After Greg got to fly Sean was so brave
and he went up with our friend Ikiaka took Sean up flying
all by himself. Sean loved it. He even took over the controls
for a little while up in the air.

HAPPY 30th Greg!!
We Love You!!