Friday, April 30, 2010

Trip to the Farm

So the end of April we decided to be brave or crazy I would go more crazy and drive 14 hours to go see my family in Idaho. You see Greg will only drive straight threw so me and the kids slept and Greg toughed it out and drove the whole way. Its always so much fun to go to the farm. Now that Sean and Brianna are older they enjoyed the farm even more. I have never seen Sean go out and play by himself for so long and he would just run around feeding the animals and having adventures but was so content. They both ate so well and had so much fun and wore themselves out. I loved it. As soon as we got back home it went back to mom will you play with me and brianna'a appetite went back to not eating. So every summer I think Im going to ship them to the farm.

Feeding the cows oh so much fun.
Bri loved that Papa had a swing right outside his front door.
Loving the four wheeler. Bri would be like daddy more four wheeler more please.

Sean and Kambrea feeding the cows. Later that day they went on the back of the tractor and drove around while they fed the cows. Sean loved it. Even Bri helped out too.

So here's Sean riding the Lama and loving it. He did so well.

These are Sean's favorite cousins, Kambrea and Kyler. They had so much fun together. Every time Sean would wake up he would ask for them. Even Bri started to ask for them.

Uncle Justin came for the weekend and the kids had fun hangin out with him when he was around. Justin is a busy man with his friends but the kids love him.
This is after Sean rode the four wheeler with his dad threw the mud he and Bri loved it. They loved getting dirty.
Even Bri did really well with riding the lama. She loved it.
The kids got to go roller skating with real roller skates. They had a blast trying to roller skate.

We went to this awesome indoor swimming place where they had this great kids area with tons of different swimming areas. So this is Sean going down the slide by himself he even went on a huge slide all by himself. Every time we got done going down the slide Bri and Sean wanted to go up again and just kept going up and up again.

Their so good at swimming under water.
Even in April there is still tons of snow. Right behind us are the tetons and they are beautiful moutains. We went on a bike ride even with the snow and got in a snow ball fight. The kids thought it was a blast to eat the snow too. Sean made a snow man and when we came back he was able to see that the snowman was still around.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sean's 4th Birthday!!

So I cant believe Sean is already four before I know it he will be in the teens. He was so excited this year and was talking about his party two months before it even came. Of course he wanted a Batman party. I thought he would be out of that phase but its holding strong. It was so cute to see him with all his friends playing on the inflatable slides, jump houses, and obstacle courses. We had a great turn out. Even great friends came all the way from Orange county. After an hour and half of playing on the inflatable toys he went to his thrown to open presents and have cake. Greg's mom did a great job on the cake. We all had a blast. Happy Birthday Sean!! We love you.

Brianna was too small to go on the slides but she managed to sneak past the security people and had a blast on all the slides and bounce houses. Way to go Brianna.