Monday, February 14, 2011

Napa Valley Getaway

So Greg is the best husband in the world. For my birthday/valentines day gift he booked us three day get away to the fancy resort called Kenwood. It was so nice and so beautiful. We got great service, nice outdoor hot tubs and complimentary wine (juice for us) and great food. But the best part was we had this awesome couple massage on top of the roof where we could open the windows and let the sun in and enjoy the nice weather while getting a massage. Then we got another massage the second day. I was in heaven. While you waited for your massage they had a room to wait in that had wine (juice), little cookies, chocolates, and dried fruit to eat anytime you wanted. Also one night I really wanted chocolate chip cookies so I called room service and twenty minutes later had a warm plate of cookies. I got to sleep in and just relax. We checked out the town and loved seeing the fancy shops, also checked out a winery and olive oil press company. It was so nice and green. The town was so proud how they grew all their own food in the town. So much history and culture in Napa. Thanks Greg's parents for watching the kids. Thanks Greg for the great get away.