Sunday, November 18, 2007

Big Boy Bed

So Sean has officially moved into his big boy bed. We got him a twin size bed a month ago and have been slowly been introducing the new bed to him. So the week before thanksgiving Sean starting sleeping in the big boy bed. Well I made the mistake of letting him fall asleep in the big boy bed thinking he would stay there, well an hour after him falling asleep I heard a big thump in Sean's room and then him crying. So apparently you need those side rails for the big bed until they figure out how to stay in the bed. So I was a good mom and bought some side rails for his big boy bed. So now he has learned to take naps and sleep all night in his bed. The first week or two was hard because he would wake up at 1am and come into our room saying mama and looking for us thinking it was time to wake up. We are liking the new bed as long as he stays there all night. I am so impressed that he took to the big boy bed so fast.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Loves Sugar!!

So I have discovered over this Halloween that my little boy Sean is just like his mom and loves sugar, any type of sugar. He loves candy (chocolate or not), cookies, and cake. Anything sweet he will eat it. So we decided to make Halloween cookies and as you can see Sean had a blast. But the best part was putting the sprinkles on and then eating them all off. I cant believe how big he is now. I love Sean to death.