Sunday, August 31, 2008

Best big brother award !!

So as you all know since the day Brianna has come home from the hospital Sean has loved and watched over Brianna from day one. I was so worried when I got pregnant again that when she came out that Sean would hit her or bite or any kind of abuse or even just ignore her. He did the complete opposite, he is always trying to give her hugs or kisses and loves. Some days he'll even try to feed her a bottle or give her the binky when she is crying. The other day Sean kept saying "mommy Sean hold baby" of course I was busy feeding her or doing something so I came out to find Sean trying to pick up baby and hold her. So we had to go over not picking her up only mommy could pick her up. Then of course I let him hold her and he was so excited. Brianna has started to laugh and smile alot and even coos. So Sean gets so excited when he does something and she smiles or laughs at him. He thinks it is the best thing in the world. I thought she would of wore off being fun already, but no. I hope their great friends growing up. They will probably fight alot too like any other siblings. I can't believe how fast it goes by. Everyday I am amazed at the new things Sean is learning and the things he says. His newest thing is he says "mommy I hear that" so on top of being observant he hears things very well. Most of the time he can identify what he is hearing. It's so cute.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Already 3 months old

Man time goes by so fast. I cant believe she is already 3 months old. She is so good at smiling and some cooing. Also she has great head strength. We have started to use the mat that has toys hanging above it and the bouncy chair with fishes she can look at. She loves these toys especially when Sean comes and helps her play with them. Last week Sean helped me buy her a new toy and it is so cute to watch him try and show her how it works and even sometimes in the car he will ask for his toy cause he wants to make the toy make music for his sister. He loves her so much. I always catch Brianna watching Sean and smiling at him, it is so cute. Brianna's hair is starting to turn red and then has some blond highlights in it. I think she'll be red like Greg and then when she's older she'll turn blond like Greg. I think Sean will be brown like me. Either way their adorable. The picture of Brianna in her crib was Sean's doing, he wanted to share all his stuffed animals with sister and as you can see she loved it.

Monday, August 18, 2008

My cousin Cade's wedding

This weekend the whole family got in the car and endured a six hour drive to St George. I must admit the drive out was not bad but the drive back on Sunday was horrible and we sat in a ton of traffic with all the people coming home from Vegas after losing all their money. Anyways we had so much fun. Cade is one of my younger cousins and brother to my cousin Amber that I love to death and always have love to hang out with her. This is the Archibald side and we are all really loud and have so much fun when we get together. Its crazy cause were all pretty much married and have kids, it really starts to make me feel old. We got the privilege to go to the temple and see them be sealed. It was so neat and such a good feeling in the temple. It brought back so many good memories of when me and Greg got married. Did you know we are going on five years in October. That just seems crazy to me. Brianna was great the whole weekend and was loving being held. Sean loved playing with all his boy cousins and cause ruckus. I got to dance with Sean at the reception and he was so cute. I cant believe how big he is and how much he understands, it is so cute. Also Brianna got to wear her blessing dress again which is so much fun and again reminds me so much of my wedding day. I am so excited for Cade and Sierra they will be great together and I'm excited for Sierra to join our family.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Brianna's Blessing

So last weekend a great thing happened. Brianna was blessed by her dad with both of her grandpa's there helping out. It was so neat to see such a sweet little girl receive such a great blessing. Also I really enjoyed it, because she got to wear her first wedding dress. Well actually she got to wear my wedding dress. I decided awhile ago if I ever had a baby girl I would have her blessing dress made out of my wedding dress. So luckily for me my sweet little girl came and I got to make my dress into a blessing dress for her. It turned out beautiful and it brought back so many great memories of that special day. So now every time I see her dress or the pictures I can remember her special day and my special day. My family came in from Idaho and hung out with us for the weekend and we got to go see Wicked, which was great. Sean was loving having both papa's to play with. It was so much fun having my family here. So since everyone was here and this is Brianna's first wedding dress we were silly and took a bunch of pictures with both sides of the family. You'll see we were having way too much fun. I hope you love her dress as much as I do. Here's some more pictures of my parents having down time with both kids.