Sunday, June 22, 2008

One Month Old

So Brianna is already one month old. It seems like she was born just yesterday. She has been so much fun and keeping us on our toys. The first couple of weeks she was home all she did was sleep well now she has discovered that it is more fun to be awake and be held. She loves to be held if you try just putting her down on the couch she starts crying, she either wants to be held or be in the swing. Brianna is such a princess and we are loving her to death. Sean is still loving his little sister he likes to call her baby Bwanna or Missy. It is so cute. We are so excited to have Brianna in our family.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Water Hose and Trampoline

So for father's day the whole family went up to Greg's parents house to spend the day. It was great to see all of Greg's family and just relax. Well as anyone that knows California its been really warm here lately and where Greg's parents live it was up to the high 90's on father's day so when you went outside it got uncomfortable. Well Sean discovered the hose and thought it would be fun to spray himself and anyone that came near him. Well then he proceeded to move up onto the trampoline and spray the trampoline. After getting soaked with the freezing water he started to get bored so he was able to convince his aunt Jenifer to come jump with him. She was even such a good sport she put on her bathing suit and let him get her wet. It was so fun to watch him laughing and running around with the hose. He even figured out how to spray people and that became his new favorite thing. Sean loves the water even when it's freezing cold. We also convince grandpa Mcclellan to hold Brianna, and as you can see he wasn't too comfortable with it, he's not a big baby person. Also I wanted to throw in this cute picture of Sean playing on grandpa's boat and him pretending to drive. It was the first run of the season and Sean didn't get to go because the water is still freezing cold hopefully it warms up soon.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!

So with Father's day coming up I want to take this opportunity to tell Greg what an amazing dad he is. Everyday he surprises me with how patient and sweet he is with Sean and Brianna. Sean loves and adores Greg. Whenever Greg goes to work Sean is asking about him the whole time. Also I think he is the best husband in the whole world. He does everything and helps out with everything, I feel like we are both equal. Wednesday night we got to go out for sushi and it was so fun to just sit and talk and enjoy some great food. We took Brianna along but she slept the whole time. I also want to thank my dad and let him know what a great dad he is and thank you for all that you taught me and helped me through, I really look up to. I don't know what we would do without all these great fathers.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

First Outfit

Well as you all know Brianna was so little when she was born that all she really fit into was pajamas or newborn onies. I finally broke down and went and bought her some newborn pants, so of course I dressed her up for our day out to the movies, with shoes and all. I think she is adorable. Also she did great at just sleeping through the whole movie, that means now maybe I can start going to some movies when Sean is at preschool.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Super Hero's

So since Sean has been so great lately with helping out with Brianna and trying to do his best to listen and do as he is told I decided to go buy him a new toy. Well you see we were at the park right before we went to the store and this little boy was playing with these super hero characters and he was nice enough to share with Sean and I have never seen someone so excited about a toy. So we set out to Target to find these super hero's and we lucked out finding them and even better they are swimming toys too. So the first three days Sean had these toys he would never put them down or share with anyone. I've never seen him so protective of something he was so funny. On top of that he was so excited about them the first night he had the super hero's at home they had to go to bed with him and low and behold Sean woke up at five in the morning wanting to play with his super hero's. Luckily the newness has worn off so were not waking up in the night but he is still loving to play with them. He has been so great as helping with Brianna, the other day I was busy doing something and Brianna was crying and I saw that her headband had fallen in her eyes but my hands were full so Sean was so cute he went over and very softly took her headband off and they proceeded to try and give her bottle. I cant believe how much Sean has grown in the last three weeks since Brianna has come home, he's taking this big brother role seriously. Last Wednesday Sean said he first prayer and it was so cute, of course everything was one word and really short but so cute to hear him thank heavenly father for his family and friends. It melted our hearts.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Beach outings!!

Well it has been really warm here and Sean gets so restless if we stay inside so we have been out on alot of outings, either to the park or beach. Well Brianna had her first trip to the beach when she was a week old and did great, she slept in the baby carrier the whole time. So Greg had to go back to work on Saturday and man it was so sad to see him go. He is such great help and Sean is so attached to him now since Brianna has come. So Saturday me, Sean, and Brianna went to this little mother's beach in Long Beach with my friend Melissa and her little girl Ashley. The kids had a blast and were running in and out of the freezing cold ocean water but loving it the whole time. Brianna was great and hung out in the baby carrier again. Sean and Ashley found this whale that they could climb on and then it shoots out water from the top, they were loving it. I'm so thankful for great friends who help me with the two kids. Its a whole new world having two, I am learning that things like always keeping the house clean has to go on the back burner until the kids are asleep. It's so weird were a family now of four not three anymore, we can't even fit anyone else in our car because the car seats take up the whole back seat. I really look up to people with twins or people with four or more kids, I really don't know how you did it. So far Brianna has been great at sleeping through noisy Sean and getting hauled around all the place, which is such a blessing cause Sean really needs alot of attention lately.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Girls!!

So Jillonnie and I finally got together after having our baby girls. We both had beautiful baby girls about two weeks apart. It was so fun to sit and talk about our baby girls and what they are doing and of course getting advice, since Jillonnie now has three kids so she had some good suggestions on how to juggle two kids. We got to sit and chit chat while the baby girls hung out on the couch. Sean was so excited about the two baby girls that he kept trying to get in the pictures. Brianna looks like such a peanut compared to June. They are about two pounds different in size. June looks so much like River, its so cute. I really do miss having Jillonnie around she was great at always wanting to hang out and easy to get along with. I would always hang out with her and her family when Greg was at work and I was home alone, now she has moved to Murrietta so I can't just go over to her house and hang out for a little while. At least we still get together as much as possible. Jillonnie your a great friend.