Friday, March 28, 2008

Swimming in March!

Well can you believe it we are already going swimming and it is only March, man are we ready for summer. This is for all you poor Idaho people that still have snow. Sean and I got to go swimming with my cousin Amber and her little boy Saxon. It was so much fun and the boys loved it. Sean will definitely be a water boy (good thing or else Greg would of cried). Anyways Sean and Saxon both took turns dunking and trying to float on their backs. We have so many plans for Sean this summer. We hope to take Sean water skiing and surfing this summer so hopefully it all works out. Last week Sean went to the beach with my friend Amanda and her little boy who's 2 1/2 to go swimming I had to miss out cause I was at work. Apparently Sean was a maniac and was charging into the waves and even when he would get tossed around he would get back up and run out to the water again. That's my little boy.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Well as everyone knows last week was Easter and Sean was so excited. We went to Greg's brother's house and Greg's parents and sister came down. Well when we first got there Sean got a Easter basket from grandma which had all his favorite things, he got little figurines of Elmo, Pooh, and Puppy. Plus he got eggs filled with some balls and some Easter books. So of course that is all Sean wanted to do at first. Then we got Sean to go outside with his little basket to look for eggs. Now I totally thought he would need some help but amazingly once I let him do his own thing he found them all on his own and had a blast. He was shaking the eggs and trying to find which eggs had fishes in them (you see we put fishy crackers and animal crackers instead of candy) so he had fun opening and closing them. After the egg hunt Sean decide to ride his bike around and then he let Greg ride his bike while Sean tried to push him on the bike, it was so cute. Also Sean has made leaps and bounds in his talking the last month he can say: Please, Thank you, more , fishes, papa, Nana, hi mommy, hi daddy, hi Sean, puppy, pooh, tractor, truck, fire, juice, milk, movie, no, yes, mine, and more please. I am so excited and he has got such a good imagination, I always catch him playing with stuffed animals or figurine toys and talking to them, it is so cute.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Universal Studios with the Hills

So on Saturday me and Sean decided to be adventurous again and take a trip to universal studio's or city walk. So Saturday afternoon we packed up in the car and drove in good old LA traffic for two hours to go to universal studio's to have dinner with my cousins from Idaho. My aunt Valyn and all her kids and husbands were in California getting ready to go on a Mexican cruise the next day. So first off my cousins were staying in a hotel in Inglewood ( which if you've been there not the nicest area, especially for small town people), second they had no transportation so they took the LA metro to go to Hollywood and universal studios. They said they were a little worried on different parts of their train ride but overall had a fun time. So me and Sean got to eat at Bubba Gumps and spend some time with all my cousins. They were amazed at how big Sean is and also how active Sean is. So as you can imagine Sean did not hold still for one moment while we were eating. After dinner he found water that sprays up from the ground and trickles over the side of a box, so of course cause Sean loves water he played in that the whole time and was in heaven. He was soaked by the end of the night but luckily I came prepared with pajamas. We had so much fun spending some time with my cousins we only get to see them once a year so anytime we can see them we love it.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Well last week me and Sean decided to take a trip up to Fresno, CA to visit my little brother Justin. I haven't seen him since Christmas so I was really missing him. The best part about it was that my sister Rachel was in San Francisco at the same time so she was able to drive down and hang out with all of us. I learned on this trip First-those portable DVD players are life savers. Second- that I think Sean can make long trips in the car as long as I bring the DVD player. Third- Sorry but Fresno is not a nice city, its old and run down (sorry if anyone is from there) Fourth- I really do love my family and spending time with them. Sean got run around with Justin and Rachel and me. We even did our first big people movie with Sean, overall he did pretty well till the last thirty minutes, but then again the portable DVD player saved my life. Me and Rachel shared a hotel and I got to share a bed with Sean, I forget how much he moves and what a wild sleeper he is. That is why he sleeps in his own bed. Oh ya don't mind Justin's funny looking ears, I don't know what that is all about. Sean decided to show everyone his belly at the restaurant.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

NO NO!!!

So like every two year old, Sean's new favorite word is "NO." At first I was like ok I will just ignore it and let him grow out of it. Well I don't think he's going to grow out of it anytime soon. Anything you ask him even though you know he wants it he still says no. The other night we were hangin out in our room and Sean decided to show us his moves on our bed, well in turn with that he decided to practice his favorite word "NO." You see Sean's favorite movie lately is Incredibles, so in that movie they fight and so now he thinks its the funniest thing to pretend fight with himself or anyone that will fight back. At first it was funny until the other night we were playing and he got so excited that he decided to bite my arm. Man did that hurt, he bit so hard that it bruised the next day. So then we had to talk again about biting and then of course time out. It's funny how fast they catch on to not liking time out. When he's doing something bad I will be like Sean if you don't stop that by the count of three you'll go in time out and he out of no where stops and listens. I agree with whoever said that at this age it is all about testing the boundaries to see what they can get away with.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Eating cookie dough!!

So Sean is a boy after my own heart. Today we were really bored so we decided to make some chocolate chip cookies. Sean helped put the ingredients in and even turn on the mixer. Well when it came time to put the dough on the cookie sheet, Sean thought it would be much more fun to just stand and eat the cookie dough. As I said a boy after my own heart. We had tons of fun making cookies. When the cookies were done cooking Sean ate one and then decided he rather go watch his favorite movie which is (cars or ratatouille).

Saturday, March 1, 2008


So me and Greg took Sean to the park the other day because it was really warm outside. Well to make it even more fun we decided to bike down to the park which Sean loves cause he gets to see all the cars. Well when we got to the park Sean discovered that there was little hills that he could run up and down. So for most of the time except of course swing time (which he calls "wee") Sean ran up and down these hills. Well I decided I had to take a picture of this so I went over to try and get a good picture so I asked Sean to look at the camera and out of no where for the first time, he stopped turned around and looked at me and said "cheese". It was so cute. I never realized ever time I try to take pictures I tell him to say cheese and I guess it just stuck. He's getting so big and understanding so much. I really enjoy this age but also getting really frustrated cause man can he throw some big fits.