Saturday, May 30, 2009

Brianna's First Birthday!

Brianna is already one! Wow time flies. I cant believe it went by so fast. As you can see she is still tiny and has not grown much since I last blogged. No she is not walking yet, she is lazy and would rather hold your fingers and walk around with someone. She had a fun party at the park with balloons, pinata, food, and friends. She loved the cake and even tried hitting the pinata. She was so fun to watch. She was the little princess that got pushed around in her new little buggy she got for her birthday. Greg's mom was great and saved the cake. I had to buy a cake from Costco and the decorations on the cake looked horrible so thanks Nana for saving the cake and redecorating. Thanks for all the great friends and family. Brianna had fun playing with all the kids. We only had a few melt downs. At one point she started screaming and I thought to myself "It's my party and Ill cry if I want to." Happy First Birthday Brianna. We love you. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So now that's it summer we decided its time to get out and do some sports. So two weeks ago we started Sean in swim lessons. Its so cute because he loves his teacher and is doing so well. You must remember that Sean would barely put his head in the water and now he's jumping right in and not afraid at all. Also he is learning how to do big arms and blow bubbles. Its so much fun to watch. Im glad we got to do this. Brianna has fun on the side lines playing with all the toys around the yard. 

Monday, May 18, 2009

Greg's badge pinning

We are so proud of Greg. He just started a new job three months ago and he just got done with his evaluation shifts. So me and the kids got to go down and meet all the people he works with and meet some really great friends. It was so fun to watch him walk up while the Chief gave me the badge to pin on him. Sean was so excited to meet all the firemen and play in the fire truck. So he has one year left of probation then after that he's in for sure. We love you Greg, you will do great. 

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Soccer team

So two weeks ago we put Sean in a city Soccer team, just to get him out and running around. See if we can run off some of that energy. It's so fun to watch him. So far all they have done is learn how to stop the ball, pass it to each other, and kick it in the goal. They have three teams and Sean is the orange team called orange lions. This week we took team pictures so here's some pictures of his soccer team. Three of his friends also play, two of them play on the gray team and then our next door neighbor is on Sean's team. They are so cute. 

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Greg!!

 So its Greg's big 29 birthday getting so old and wise. No he thinks he's old but he's still young. We had a celebration over three days. So Friday the kids gave Greg a present and then that night me and Greg went out to dinner and cruised around. Then Saturday he had to go to work so it didn't really count because no one knew it was his birthday. Then on Sunday Sean was so excited because we made Greg a cake and had gifts for him to open. It was all he talked about all day. So when we finally did eat cake Sean couldn't wait to sing and help him open gifts. You'll love this movie of Sean singing and Greg making a wish. We love you Greg and think the world of you. To us you will always be young. Happy Birthday!!