Friday, October 26, 2007

Trunk or Treat

Well it was an early halloween for us this weekend. We went to the ward trunk or treat with I thought was alot of fun but sort of different. So what happens at the trunk or treat in case you dont know. People from the ward show up in their costumes and then park their cars in the parking lot where everyone proceeds to decorate their trunks. Then we all take turns going to each trunk and trick or treating for candy. Also of course we have a big chili cook off. What would a ward party be without food. So as you can see Sean was a Monkey and a darn cute one too. The costume fit him perfect with his huge cheecks and all. Me and Greg were boring this year and didn't dress up. But as you can see alot of other people did dress up and we loved their costumes. Sean was also loving that all his little friends were there to go trunk or treating with him. The best part about the whole night was that Sean kept trying to eating the wrapper of the candy he wasn't patient enough to let me take the wrapper off first. So this means any candy we have will have to be well hid.

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That is the cutest monkey ever!!! It sounds like it was lots of fun!