Monday, July 7, 2008

Only on the farm!!

So for the fourth of July we decided to go visit my family in Idaho. So we packed up the kids in the car and drove 16 hours straight through! Amazingly, the kids did great, I think the trip was harder on us than it was on them. We stopped once on the way there and on the way back we got smart and stopped once and slept for a few hours. I have now decided that portable DVD players are life savers and I understand why everyone has one. So we came up with the theme "Only on the farm" because Sean got to do somethings that we could never do in California. So here's the list : 1. Drive the car(like actually drive, in the front seat down the road) 2. Go to town without a carseat (Don't worry Jillonnie, he was seatbelted in the back and it was still safe, Idaho drivers don't go faster than 8 miles an hour) 3. Drive a tractor(he really knows how to operate a front loader for any of you that know what that is) 4. Ride a horse(bareback and with a saddle, and when he was leading the horse he was stepped on! What a tough little guy) 5. Play in the ditch(irrigation canals are so much fun when they are full of water) 6. Make a fire in our yard 7. Light fireworks 8. Feed the cows(and scare the bulls, I told you he was tough) 9. Ride the four wheeler(he even learned how to operate this one on his own, thanks Greg!) 10. Pee on the side of a public restroom building(thanks Rachel and Kyler). So when we got back home Sean kept asking to drive the car or light fireworks so our new saying is "only on the farm." It was great to see everyone and show off Brianna to everyone. Sean loved getting out and getting dirty on the farm. He got to play with his cousin Kyler and Kambrea while he was there and loved every moment of it. I've never seen a kid so excited to just go outside and run around and explore. Everyday Greg and Sean would go on an adventure to look for bugs or feed one of the animals. We also spent alot time at the water park where Sean got daring enough to go down the slide on his belly. We love spending time with the family and letting Sean run around on the farm. Of course Brianna loved it because she was held almost the whole time getting passed around. Also she was great in the car and pretty much slept the whole time expect when she wanted to eat, she is a great baby and so cute. We cant wait to go back to do all those things we can do "Only on the farm".


Autumn said...

I want to go to the farm! Haven't seen you at the beach! Jillonnie has been coming the last 3 weeks on Thursdays! Maybe next week!!

RegaNater said...

You kill me! I don't think Jillonnie is the only one that is freaking out over the adventures sead had on the farm, cause I am too! Aahhh!!!

how's grandma? I freakin love her!!

Jillonnie said...

No car seat!!!!!! just kidding, one day we will go to the farm with you, the kids will love it!!!