Monday, August 18, 2008

My cousin Cade's wedding

This weekend the whole family got in the car and endured a six hour drive to St George. I must admit the drive out was not bad but the drive back on Sunday was horrible and we sat in a ton of traffic with all the people coming home from Vegas after losing all their money. Anyways we had so much fun. Cade is one of my younger cousins and brother to my cousin Amber that I love to death and always have love to hang out with her. This is the Archibald side and we are all really loud and have so much fun when we get together. Its crazy cause were all pretty much married and have kids, it really starts to make me feel old. We got the privilege to go to the temple and see them be sealed. It was so neat and such a good feeling in the temple. It brought back so many good memories of when me and Greg got married. Did you know we are going on five years in October. That just seems crazy to me. Brianna was great the whole weekend and was loving being held. Sean loved playing with all his boy cousins and cause ruckus. I got to dance with Sean at the reception and he was so cute. I cant believe how big he is and how much he understands, it is so cute. Also Brianna got to wear her blessing dress again which is so much fun and again reminds me so much of my wedding day. I am so excited for Cade and Sierra they will be great together and I'm excited for Sierra to join our family.

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We are so glad you guys came. That was very nice of you. The wedding was a blast! Your pics are great- I may have to steal some since Im a big looser and didn't take any.

zerry ht said...

Oh wow, your cousin Cade's wedding was such a blast. That venue just adds up to the beauty of the whole celebration. Even I want to have such a decent and small family wedding so would like to book a medium sized indoor location. I wonder if you have some good suggestions for the affordable wedding venues.