Saturday, September 27, 2008

2008 Events!!

So we have had a crazy but fun year so far. We added Brianna to our family, we took a trip to Idaho and Utah, we went to lake arrowhead, we bought a new fridge, went to the park, Greg got hired on at Huntington Beach fire department as firefighter/paramedic (which has been his dream job for the last four years),went swimming a lot, went boating, saw wicked, and took Sean to meet the superheros at magic mountain(he was so excited he could barely talk and then once batman walked away Sean was like "mommy batman has ears and a cape). It's so fun to watch Sean and Brianna grow up and see how much they are learning. The pictures above are from our trip to Lake arrowhead which as you can see we had a ton of fun. Sean loved swimming with us and riding the go karts with us and his grandparents.

Brianna is now 4 months old and talking way more than Sean every did, I don't think Sean started to say anything until he was like 6 months old. She is also laughing out loud and it is so cute. On Wednesday we took her to get her ears pierced and I felt so bad, she was so mad, I had to leave and let Greg hold her cause I felt so bad. After it was over she was fine, she doesn't even notice them. Also she got a bracelet from her aunt Rachel so now she is all dolled up. It's so fun dressing up girls, but I sure do love rough housing with Sean. Also Brianna loves to just sit and watch her brother or anyone around, her favorite thing to do is to be held while watching people. It's amazing she's our first baby that we can take to the movies and she just sits there or sleeps its so fun. Right now she just wants something in her mouth at all times cause she is working on her teething. When she went to the doctor she only weighed 12 lbs and is in the 25% for weight and height, unlike Sean who is still in the 90% for weight and 75% for height. I guess its better she's small and not Sean. Brianna is our little peanut.

Here's a cute little video that her grandma did while she was watching her and you can all hear what a good talker Brianna is. You might even be able to see her cute earrings.



oh how adorable. did she do good getting her ears pierced. I love little girls with earrings it's so cute.

Alison said...

So Cute! Congrats to Greg on getting hired with Huntington! Ryan said he started the academy this week. That is awesome! We really need to hang out. It has been too long. Maybe a girls night!?! said...

Oh how fun! I love that you peirced her ears. I'd love to do that but I don't know if I'd have the heart to do it. She's getting so big and cute!
We'd love to have you guys whenever. Just call and let us know what you are thinking. Oct is a little busy but after that we're hear for a long time.

Unknown said...

Hi Annie
This is Kelley(Jason's girlfriend) I am working on a project and was hoping you could help. I need Sean and Brianna's full names and birthdays. I also need your full name your parents and your grandparents if that is possible. My email address is or you can just send it to Jason. I hope you all are well and it is wonderful to watch pictures of the kids growing up.