Saturday, March 14, 2009

Playing at the park

Well we all decided to get out and go on a nice run to the park and let the kids play for awhile. Me and Sean played like we were transformers saving a cat. Brianna had blast swinging and trying out the slide. When it came time to leave Brianna threw a fit cause she did not want to leave. It was so cute. The other day I went running and when I got back Sean said he wanted to go running, so Greg followed Sean as he took off running around the neighborhood, with his little headset so he could hear music. Greg said he went about a mile. When he got back he put his hands on his sides and was pretending to breath hard and he said "I'm sweaty" and wiped his brow. I was dying I couldn't stop laughing. I'm glad that he's learning that exercise is fun. They are both so cute and so much fun.  



Looks likes your having fun I wish we could go to the park and swing. The weather seems nice one day and then bad the other so hopefully soon we can go outside again. Well sean is such a crack up.

Liz said...

I can barely run a mile, way to go Sean! What a funny story. So Jeff has some plans to head to California this summer, so we will let you know a head of time so we can get together with you guys!