Monday, July 6, 2009

The Farm

So has anyone been to a farm. Well Ill tell you now it is any kids dream come true. It was so fun to watch Brianna and Sean get so excited about all the animals, the tractor, the four wheeler, and even the pretend surf board that the kids play on in the pond. Sean and his cousin who is two years older really got along really well this year. It was so cute to watch them play together I hope their friend when they get older. Everyday Sean would wake up asking for Kyler. Also I have never seen Brianna attach to someone so fast as my dad, and she even figured out how to say papa. Every time Bri would get excited she would bouncing and clapping her hands. So we went from playing at the water park, to riding the tractor, feeding the horse, riding the carousel going to West Yellowstone and going on a bike ride. Also going to an awesome little town parade. See the awesome picture of Sean collecting candy and shoving it in his pockets, they were full by the end of the day. Even Bri was trying to collect as much candy as she could. Greg flew out half way through the trip and it was so much fun to show him how the kids reacted to the farm. Then he was awesome and drove back with us. The drive back was the worst part because we drove straight threw and Brianna was over it at 1am and still in her high chair. Also while we were up there I got to hang out with my cousin Amber, grandma, my sister, and cousins. It was so fun to see everyone. Brianna did awesome walking. I'm so proud of her.

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