Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cute as a button

Brianna has gotten so big. I cant believe how well she is walking now. She seems so much older. Now that she can walk, if she falls she does not revert back to crawling she gets back up and takes off walking. She is getting so good at keeping up with Sean and she figured out how to dance. So when music comes on she will turn around in circles, it is cute. Also she will grab her princess dolls and one of Sean's superhero's and makes them dance together. I love it. She is all girl and so cute. I'm am learning how to do hair hopefully Ill get better. Also Brianna now goes to daycare with Sean and she loves playing with all the older kids. Sean is so good at watching over her and making sure she doesn't get hurt. He even tries to discipline her sometimes so I have to remind him that is mommy's job. But it is funny to watch him discipline her. I love my kids.



Oh she is so adorable. It was so fun to hang out with you guys when your down. Your kids are so adorable.

Alison said...

Yeah! Finally some new posts! Looks like you had a blast! Did you get a trampoline for your new yard? We miss you guys!