Saturday, September 12, 2009

Summer fun!!

Well with the move and new job (for Greg) things have been crazy busy, but we are still making time to have fun. We have been going to the beach, park, and even disneyland as much as possible. The kids are so cute. Its so fun to watch them now that Brianna is getting older and see how she tries so hard to keep up with Sean. Sean is the cutest older brother, he is always making sure that she is ok and watches out for her. They both go to a preschool together while I work and the teacher says Sean is so good with Brianna and always watching over her. Bri is all girl and loves to play with her dolls and even loves to pretend to feed the baby. I love to watch them play together. Here are some cute pictures of disneyland, the park, and the beach. Also all the friends we play with all have boys so Brianna is the only girl but she keeps up really well. Were loving the warm weather that were still having, the water feels so nice.

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