Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Party

So the kids had a wonderful Christmas Party with their little friends and family from Preschool. It was so cute. They all got dressed up and we had some great food. Then the kids put on reindeer ears and sang some awesome christmas songs. It was fun to watch Sean singing the whole time and doing exactly what he's suppose to. Where Brianna was wondering around and always trying to be in the front, but did an excellent job of dancing and trying to sing. They were all so cute. They had Santa come and Santa gave them all a gift. Sean sat on Santa's lap but Brianna would only talk about HO HO but would not sit on his lap. Sean got a remote control car that he broke the next day(of course) and Brianna got a doll that is bigger than her. It was cute because for that next week she took it everywhere with her and just dragged her around. Christmas is so much fun with kids and to see how excited they get. I also threw in some pictures from the ward christmas party where they kids loved running around and dancing.


The Young Family said...

What a fun party. Love the pic where Bri is dancing! Too Cute!


That is so fun! Hope you had a great christmas. Loved the card.