Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer Adventures

My kids are that great age that they do so well at the beach now. They both just go out and play in the water or build sand castles. Its so cute to watch them go up and make new friends and just start playing with other kids. Sean also took a liking to boogie boarding and does well at it. I love the beach.

For a week my friends two kids came and stayed with us. The kids had so much fun and loved having little friends all the time. We did alot of swimming and beach. The kids loved the beach. I also got to learn what it is like to have four children under the age five, all a year apart and drive a mini van. So one I give props out to Amber who is going to have four under the age four and say you are a saint its a lot of work. Also sorry I could never do the whole mini van thing, its just not me.

So one of our many adventures this summer was going up to Lake Arrowhead with Greg's family. My kids had a blast swimming, hiking in the mountains, feeding the ducks, and riding the go carts. The best part for me is Greg and kids went up alone for a couple of days and I got so much done by myself it was amazing, then Greg came home alone and we went out on a late night date cause we had no kids. So the kids stayed with his parents where Sean proceeded to get stung by a bee and was not happy, but had a blast with Nanny and Papa. I was able to pick them up and stay a couple of days and see baby Hailey who Bri loved and could not stop touching.

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