Friday, January 15, 2010

Poop and throw up all in one day.

So today was one of those days that I wish I did not have to deal with kids and bodily fluids. So lately Brianna has been obsessed with sticking her hands into her diapers all the time, well lately she has even been sticking her hands down her diaper right after she poops. So today me and Greg went to the gym and put the kids into the childcare, well when I went to pick up Brianna I looked down at her out reached hands to find they had poop all over them, so I went to pick her up and found poop all over her pants. I was dying and it smelled so bad. I ran out quickly to the bathroom where I proceeded to strip her down and change her, so she got to walk out with no pants on because of course I had no extra clothes. So I thought that was enough for the day, well tonight at dinner we were trying to get Sean to eat some vegetable pizza but he was refusing. We thought we gave him a piece that had no onions(for some reason he hates onions and peppers), so Greg was going to give him a bite and he said he saw the little bit of onion but thought he'd been fine, and the next second Sean is gagging up his food and then the next minute he is pucking all over his pajamas and table. So now I know to never give onions to Sean and I'm going to buy oneies for Brianna so she has no access to the diaper. The joys of being parents.

3 comments: said...

Oh I am so sorry. I can totally relate. I never thought id get the smell of poop out of my house. Good luck.

The Young Family said...

I totally think that exploring hands thing is a stage they go through. Cam went through it and we put him back in onesies. We are just barely getting out of them. Sad for you with all the bodily fluids!!!

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Oh that is so funny! Your kids are hillarious. Looks like your doing good. Hope to see ya soon.