Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sean's 4th Birthday!!

So I cant believe Sean is already four before I know it he will be in the teens. He was so excited this year and was talking about his party two months before it even came. Of course he wanted a Batman party. I thought he would be out of that phase but its holding strong. It was so cute to see him with all his friends playing on the inflatable slides, jump houses, and obstacle courses. We had a great turn out. Even great friends came all the way from Orange county. After an hour and half of playing on the inflatable toys he went to his thrown to open presents and have cake. Greg's mom did a great job on the cake. We all had a blast. Happy Birthday Sean!! We love you.

Brianna was too small to go on the slides but she managed to sneak past the security people and had a blast on all the slides and bounce houses. Way to go Brianna.

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anna banana said...

Happy Birthday Sean!