Sunday, May 22, 2011

Brianna's 3rd Bithday

So it seems like just yesterday that Bri was born and now she is three. She acts like she it 16 but so little. Since Kaylee has come home she has been trying to be a little mom the whole time. Brianna asked for a dancing party for her birthday. So we went up to Greg's parents house and had a karaoke party. It was so cute. Bri got two Ariel dresses and she loved them, and she wore the dresses the whole time she was having her dance party. Also she had a barbie cake and it was funny because the cake almost looked exactly like her dress she had on. She got a barbie computer and princess scooter. She has loved them so much, its so cute. Happy Birthday.



Oh how cute I love the dresses I need one of those for brooklyn. And I also can't believe how quick there growing up Sean is so cute in his preschool graduation.

KAT said...

How fun! She looks so adorable! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIANNA!