Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sean 1st day of Kindergarten

I cant believe Sean is so old, he started kindergarten. Its offical I have a kid in kindergarten and goes to school everyday. Its weird having him gone everyday. The first day me and Greg were able to go and walk him in. He was so excited. He sat at his table and said "ok see you later" and waved bye. Then everyday after that he's like you don't have to walk me in mom just drop me off. I wanted to cry, he doesn't need his mom anymore. Of course his favorite part of school is recess. His teacher is Mr Markwell and seems to like him he doesn't tell us much information. So far school has gone much better than I thought due to big classes and not much money going into our schools.


KAT said...
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KAT said...

So fun! Time is flying by! I can't believe he is already in kindergarten!