Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

I cant believe it is already Halloween time it feels like it was just summer. They may also be because its still so warm here. So for Halloween we made it an all weekend event. Friday night we went Sean's school carnival which they had fun doing different games. Bri was playing ring toss and got a ring on a soda the first try. Sad that she could not drink the soda it was loaded with sugar and caffeine. After the school carnival we went to our ward trunk or treat and the kids ran around with their friends and loved trick or treating to the cars. Bri even won for the best pumpkin design she of course had a carve a tinker bell design. Greg's parents were great and came down for the weekend and helped out and had a blast with the kids. So Saturday we took the kids to a children's museum which was awesome because one of the exhibits was to paint on the walls of this little house. Then to finish it off Monday at school Sean's teacher dropped pumpkins from the roof into water to see if they sink or float. Sean loved that. Monday night they went trick or treating to the friends neighborhood and ours and loved it. Last but not least the awesome switch witch came and exchanged the candy for a gift. So of course they are ready for Halloween to start again. Kaylee was so cute she just hung out. We dressed her as a pumpkin cause's she's so little and cute. The kids were so cute as Harry Potter and Ariel.


KAT said...

So fun! Their costumes are so cute! And I love the picture of you and Kaylee! said...

Oh your kids looks so darling! Bre is looking so big. Glad you guys had fun!!