Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Imagination !!

So in the last couple of weeks it is amazing how much Sean has changed. On one end he is alot more stubborn and throws fits no matter what I try to tell him, his new favorite word is "NO" and man does he use it all the time. I guess this is God's way of teaching me patience. On the other end his imagination is amazing. He's new favorite thing is to take either his stuffed puppy or bear everywhere he goes. He will take them on a bike ride or in the car, going to bed, and he even likes to feed them. It is so cute, they are his new little friends and he has so much fun with them. Also he has learned how to admire himself, he loves to look at pictures of him and also to look at himself in the mirror. The other day I caught him looking through his baby album and getting so excited everytime he saw a picture of himself. On the sadder side he is starting to realize when we are gone. It notices it more when Greg is gone cause Greg is gone for two to three days straight. He'll go to the door saying Da Da Da, and when I try to explain that he is at work he gets really sad or upset. Someday hopefully Sean will understand. Sean has learned how to say "I love you" it is so cute. He mainly says it when he's talking to Greg on the phone while Gregs at work, but it just melts my heart. Kids are amazing.

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