Sunday, January 20, 2008

Its a Girl!!

Well for those we haven't been able to get a hold of yet, I want you all to know that we just found out that we are having a baby girl. I had a gut feeling that was what we were having, but I was in denial. So when the Ultrasound tech told us that it was a baby girl I was excited but really nervous at the same time. The thought kept running through my head I dont know what to do with a girl. Now that I have had some time to fully digest it all I am really excited and can't wait for our baby girl to arrive. Sean still has no idea that he will have a new baby girl coming into his life. So anyone has cute baby girl clothes they want to loan out let me know.


nickandhil'sfamily said...

Holy Cow! I am so excited for you guys! Yes, finally blogging, but not doing as well as you. Your page is so cute, and Sean is SO cute! said...

Yeah! I am so excited! I am totally with you- It would be crazy to have a girl- but soo much fun!
Please come visit us. We don't have anything going. Call or I'll call you! I am wondering how Justin is doing too

RegaNater said...

YAY!!!! That is so cool! What is Jillonie having? Cant wait to hear the name!