Thursday, June 19, 2008

Water Hose and Trampoline

So for father's day the whole family went up to Greg's parents house to spend the day. It was great to see all of Greg's family and just relax. Well as anyone that knows California its been really warm here lately and where Greg's parents live it was up to the high 90's on father's day so when you went outside it got uncomfortable. Well Sean discovered the hose and thought it would be fun to spray himself and anyone that came near him. Well then he proceeded to move up onto the trampoline and spray the trampoline. After getting soaked with the freezing water he started to get bored so he was able to convince his aunt Jenifer to come jump with him. She was even such a good sport she put on her bathing suit and let him get her wet. It was so fun to watch him laughing and running around with the hose. He even figured out how to spray people and that became his new favorite thing. Sean loves the water even when it's freezing cold. We also convince grandpa Mcclellan to hold Brianna, and as you can see he wasn't too comfortable with it, he's not a big baby person. Also I wanted to throw in this cute picture of Sean playing on grandpa's boat and him pretending to drive. It was the first run of the season and Sean didn't get to go because the water is still freezing cold hopefully it warms up soon.

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