Monday, October 6, 2008

Play time

So we have this fun mat that has lights, toys, and music that plays above the babies head. Also it is low enough that she can grab for the toys. Brianna loves to play with this toy and try grab for the toys. She is such a good little girl. Also she loves to sit on the couch while she watches Sean, she is so amazed by him and what he can do. I hope their good friends when they get older. This weekend Greg's parents were great and came down to visit and spend time with all of us. We had fun. We went the beach, went to Bella Terra (an outdoor mall) where we got dinner and then watched Sean run around with a bunch of girls that he found playing wring around the rosy, and Sean got some Pow Pow time in with his Papa. Sean and Brianna love spending time with their grandparents. It is also a nice little break for us too. 

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How cute isn't it nice to have grandparents watch the kids so you can have a brake sometimes. Well check out my blog I finally put the house pictures up.