Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Professional Pictures

So are they not the cutest kids in the world. So if anyone knows me I hate to go get professional pictures because I think it takes forever, expensive, and my kids are never good for the pictures. Well I decided to try again now that Sean is older and now that we have Brianna. So I made Greg come with me because I knew I would need help, which I did. So it started out good where Sean was all excited and wanted to pose and everytime we would say Batman or Superman he gave us an awesome smile like you see above by himself, but everytime we would say cheese he would give that funny smile you see with him and Brianna. Well after five minutes Sean was bored and Brianna was being all fussy because she did not have her nap yet even though I tried before we got there. Well luckily after some fighting we got a few really cute pictures. I wish I had a better one of the two of them together. Brianna did pretty well for her individual pose, I love her smile. She has the cutest laugh esp when she is laughing at Sean. I can't believe how interested she is in Sean. The older Sean gets I think the more he looks like me and Brianna I think looks a ton like Greg, it will be neat to see what they look like as teenagers.



Oh how cute. I know exactly how you feel the minute you get there at the place they start acting all weird and your lucky if you get 2or 3 pictures that turn out but sean has the cutest smile.

meyerstwins.blogspot.com said...

Too cute!! I am impressed you got them done. Its such a chore. I still haven't gotten my boys 3 yr old picts cuz I don't have the energy.
We'd love you to come in Jan or whenever. The boys will be ready for someone to play with Im sure. What are you doing for the holidays?

The Pena family said...

I swear, getting pictures with kids is one of the hardest things. They either scream, spit up, throw a fit, cry or look semi-retarded. Tyler has a weird smile he does all the time for pictures too. We just got their pictures last week and I'm excited and scared to see how they turned out. I still think the ones you got are cute....without the story you'd never know how hard it was!!