Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pony, trains, and zoo animals

So lately Sean has been getting stir crazy because he has not been able to go to the park or play with to many kids at once due to his burns. So today we decided to take all the kids to Irvine park where they have trains, ponies that you can ride, and a little zoo. It is one of our favorite parks. So first we went and saw the animals and Sean loved the Bears and goats, he even got to feed the goats. We saw a jaguar and Sean said that's Diego's friend. It was so cute. The best was watching Sean ride the horse, he was having so much fun. I kept trying to get the horse to go faster but all he wanted to do was walk really slow. We had a blast. Brianna was a good girl and hung out in the stroller, it will be fun when she can run around and understand all the things she is seeing. We had fun watching the Sean run around and get so excited about the train, ponies, and zoo. Sean has been doing so well with potty training. I love not changing diapers. All you that are afraid like I was to potty train just go for it, it's so worth the first two weeks of frustration. We have even worked our way up to teaching him how to stand and go pee pee. Which is so funny for me to watch. Sean loves to play shot the cheerios in the potty. 


Liz said...

I am so sorry to hear about sean's burns. I would have freaked out, good thing he's got you both as parents! I'm glad you're able to keep him occupied while he's recovering. And yes, the Batman theme was fun, the scavenger hunt was the hit for the kids! Seriously, I wish our little superheroes lived closer! said...

How fun! Im sure Sean loved life! Im so glad to hear that he's doing well with the potty training. If only I could get Landon on the train. Not fun! I can't believe Brianna is already 6 months old. Too cute! Our girls will be close in age- now if only you guys would move closer!:)