Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I can't believe Thanksgiving already came and went. I know Im so super slow on blogging but I really wanted to put up these cute pictures of Thanksgiving. We all went up to Greg's parents house and just hung out and ate lots of food. This year Greg did the turkey and he did something called brimming. It turned out really good, I was a big fan. The kids had a blast running around and playing with the grandparents. Me and Greg got a nice little break while we were up there. I was crazy and decided to get up at 6am and going shopping on Friday the day after Thanksgiving. I cant how crazy people are and how many people are out so early in the morning. I found a few good deals but decided it wasn't worth the trouble unless I went right when the store opens. I am so thankful for family, a job, a beautiful home, wonderful kids and husband. I need to sit down everyday and remember all the things I have been given. As you all know Sean got burned a month ago and as you can see the pictures he is almost all the way healed. It's amazing how fast kids heal, they are so tough. Brianna is growing like crazy and finally figured out how to move all around by rolling, or moving in a circle on her belly she's so cute.

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