Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Decorating for Christmas

Well after Thanksgiving as you all know they start showing all the christmas movies on tv so Sean has been asking alot of questions about christmas and Santa. It is so cute. I can't believe how excited he. To bad he can't understand that it wont be here for a couple more weeks. So once December came we got out all the christmas decorations and decorated outside and inside. Sean watched while Greg climbed on the roof and hung lights and then later that night we ate cookies and decorated the tree. Sean was so good and soft with the ornaments, he managed to put up about half of them of course all at his level and not break one. I was so impressed. Every night we have been reading christmas stories and talking about leaving Santa cookies and how we have to be a good boy to get presents. I decided no more taking Sean to go shopping with me, he almost told Greg what I got him for Christmas. Brianna just loves to watch Sean and how excited he gets about all the christmas stuff. Here's some cute christmas pictures 

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So fun! My boys have been having lots of fun with Christmas this year too. I love Brianna's dress. So cute!
Yeah, Im scheduled for the 27th for my c-section. But it may have to come this week. I am not measuring where I should be so they're monitoring me close, etc.