Thursday, September 24, 2009

Arizona Trip

So me and the kids packed up last weekend and headed out to Arizona to visit some of our friends. Sorry we couldn't see everyone. We had so much fun. I forget how hot it gets in Arizona, you guys are crazy that live out in Arizona I was dying. We had so much fun staying with Regan and Nate and their baby boy Winston. Brianna loved Winston and kept trying to play with the baby. Sean was in love with the puppies. Everyday he would go out and play with this one black puppy that was his favorite, it was so cute to watch. Regan had this awesome pool that was 1' 6" deep so Bri and Sean could both touch and just walk around. Even Brianna could walk the whole way around. It was so cute.  The kids were even really good on the drive. Someone told me if you start them out young with driving long distance they get use to it and don't know any difference. I agree. Lately Sean has been asking where were going this weekend and wanted to pack up his toys to go visit someone. If you debated about driving somewhere with your kids get portable dvd player and try it, oh and bring actual wrapped presents that helps when they get restless. 

2 comments: said...

Fun, fun! You guys are always visiting someone. That is great. I know what you mean by long trips. We just got back from Fallon adn I was unpacking and Damon and Landon were asking where we were going. I said nowhere, just unpacking. Then they told me 3 different places they wanted to drive to. (Idaho, Delta, SL) Pretty funny. We need to make the trek your way next.

RegaNater said...

Haha, you are always welcome to come back anytime! It was seriously so fun to see you again. I was so so happy that you came down. Sorry about the heat, however I will say this week has been absolutely perfect weather. You came the wrong weekend apparently. Well I'll call you this week, and talk about when we come out there