Friday, January 20, 2012

Mexico Trip 2-more pictures

The sunsets were beautiful and the beach was so pretty and warm this time of year. Also at night they had a theater night for the kids where they could dance and perform then the staff would but on a good show that the kids really liked watching. They were so excited every night to go to this show.

So two days we went on a bike ride to this other resort where they have tigers. First off we got really bad directions and ended up going way past the resort but luckily Sean was a good sport and just kept riding until we found the tigers. The tigers were so cute, esp the baby tiger. The best part was I was trying to get close to the baby and take a picture and the mommy tiger charged at me and growled and I totally jumped back because I was not expecting that at all. After the mommy tiger charged at me she grabbed the baby tiger by his neck and it looked like she drug him off to time out in the corner and told him not to play with humans anymore. The kids thought that was so funny.



Wow it looks like you guys have been having fun. I love the underwater pictures. Looks like you had a blast! said...

Im so jealous! That looks like such a fun vacation! Glad u gus had fun! All inclusive resorts r the way to go. Im impressed w what good swimmers ur kids are. I was laughing about the sunburn. Can totally remember you w your sunburn at Bear Lake.