Sunday, August 19, 2007

Single mom at church

Well lately greg has had to work alot on Sundays, so this past month I have been the single mom at church trying to chase Sean around. I just want to give a big Horray out to all those single mom's that come to church by themselves every week. I really look up to you. It is alot of work. Today Sean decided to run up all of the hallways and tried to go up to the bishop in the middle of sacrament. Also he proceeded to throw a fit on the ground kicking when I tried to tell him "no." Good thing he is so cute and so much fun. Tonight on our walk Sean found the moon. It was so cute and he kept stopping and pointing at it. They are so smart.

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Don't you just love those moments?! I am proud of you for still going to church- I just don't go if Ty can't go. I am so glad I am not a single mom- I don't know how they do it. Hats off to them!