Saturday, August 18, 2007

Pool Party

Today Sean, Ashley, Me and Melissa all got together to go to a work pool party. So we packed up all our stuff or so I thought and headed to the pool party. Well when we got there and were getting ready to get in the pool, long and behold I had forgotten Sean's swimming trunks or swimmer diaper. So what do I do I resort to having him swim in his normal shorts and normal diaper, but man did he love it. He got to swim with his friend Ashley plus alot of other kids. Then after swimming he got to run around and throw rocks all over the place and sneak into the cooler where him and Ashley could eat all the ice they wanted. So after a long day of playing in the pool both kids crashed in the car on the way home. Of course Ashley has her binky and Sean has his blanket to fall asleep with. They are so much fun.

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RegaNater said...

I love how the simplest things like throwing rocks is so much fun for kids!