Saturday, August 25, 2007

Monday night BBQ

So us and two other young couples in our ward decided that since its no fun to have family home evening by ourselves that we should start having them together. So we do all kinds of fun stuff like: go to the beach, play games, have a BBQ, go swimming, and more. So here are some fun pictures of all of us on last weeks Monday night BBQ. We also went swimming where I got learn the pool game sharks. Of course I was really bad at that game because I can not swim well. Hopefully this tradition will last for awhile. Sorry about the funny picuture of Greg and his closed eyes. As you can see Sean and Greg were having tons of fun playing with fire and seeing how big they could make the fire get.

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Sounds like fun and a great idea! FHE isn't too fun for us either. I've got a couple of things for the boys but our's usually lasts 2-5 minutes. Wish we could join you.