Friday, March 28, 2008

Swimming in March!

Well can you believe it we are already going swimming and it is only March, man are we ready for summer. This is for all you poor Idaho people that still have snow. Sean and I got to go swimming with my cousin Amber and her little boy Saxon. It was so much fun and the boys loved it. Sean will definitely be a water boy (good thing or else Greg would of cried). Anyways Sean and Saxon both took turns dunking and trying to float on their backs. We have so many plans for Sean this summer. We hope to take Sean water skiing and surfing this summer so hopefully it all works out. Last week Sean went to the beach with my friend Amanda and her little boy who's 2 1/2 to go swimming I had to miss out cause I was at work. Apparently Sean was a maniac and was charging into the waves and even when he would get tossed around he would get back up and run out to the water again. That's my little boy.

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It was so fun to have you hear this weekend! Your Sean is darling. Thanks for coming. Hope to see you soon!