Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Well last week me and Sean decided to take a trip up to Fresno, CA to visit my little brother Justin. I haven't seen him since Christmas so I was really missing him. The best part about it was that my sister Rachel was in San Francisco at the same time so she was able to drive down and hang out with all of us. I learned on this trip First-those portable DVD players are life savers. Second- that I think Sean can make long trips in the car as long as I bring the DVD player. Third- Sorry but Fresno is not a nice city, its old and run down (sorry if anyone is from there) Fourth- I really do love my family and spending time with them. Sean got run around with Justin and Rachel and me. We even did our first big people movie with Sean, overall he did pretty well till the last thirty minutes, but then again the portable DVD player saved my life. Me and Rachel shared a hotel and I got to share a bed with Sean, I forget how much he moves and what a wild sleeper he is. That is why he sleeps in his own bed. Oh ya don't mind Justin's funny looking ears, I don't know what that is all about. Sean decided to show everyone his belly at the restaurant.

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It's fun to see picts of Justin and Rachel! How is Justin doing? Things getting better for him?
Oh, Amen to portable DVD players. It has been my saving grace whenever I travel!